“What bad economy?”

‘40-Day Prosperity Planners’ at Hillside tell their stories while Bishop Barbara King (l rear) looks on.

ATLANTA, Ga. — A plan for ‘Prosperity’ being taught at Atlanta’s Hillside International Truth Center is proving to be just what the doctor ordered to ward off money woes in a so-called difficult economy.

Bishop Dr. Barbara L. King, founder and pastor of Hillside International Truth Center in southwest Atlanta, is leading her people in using the ‘40-Day Prosperity Plan’ found in John Randolph Price’s, The Abundance Book. Those using it are reporting almost instant results.

“We started using the plan just a few weeks ago and already people are seeing their situations transform. It’s really something!” said King.

A mother reports how she was not only able to purchase a new $700 bike for her son for only $180, but her son, who has never ridden a bike before, was riding around the store parking lot as if he had been riding all his life!

Another woman says an idea for a project designed to help the community she’d been working on was suddenly and completely revealed to her in a vision after only the third day of working the plan. “I was able to see all of it!” she said.

“The books are flying off the shelves!,” said Hillside bookstore manager, J.J. Jones. “Every time we order it, we sell out. People love it because they find out it works.”

“We teach prosperity at Hillside—always have,” Bishop King said. “We are not meant to be poor and we don’t have to suffer. When the job goes out, or when the prices go haywire, or when, as some people say, their money is funny, your money doesn’t have to get funny. Everybody all around you may be falling apart but you can stand up, do what you want to do, be what you want to be and go on about your business.”

Hillside continues with ‘Lessons In Living’ (what other folks call sermons) on prosperity through the month of December with ‘The Prospering Power of Prayer.’

Hillside International Truth Center, Inc. is a healing ministry of the whole person: Spirit, Mind, and Body started 41 years ago. Its purpose is to serve as a spiritual community making available the Aramaic (the language of Jesus) translation of the Bible to all people by fostering their spiritual, cultural, and general well-being and to provide facilities for public worship, education, and fellowship.

Hillside is dedicated to the spiritual transformation of the entire planet and is committed to being a point of empowerment allowing Spirit to direct every thought, word, deed and action for personal transformation.

Sunday services at 8 am and 10:30 am are streamed live over the Internet on the Hillside website www.HillsideInternational.org.