E3 Ideation, J.U.M.P. seek answers

Sharon Hurt, J.U.M.P Executive Director

The E3 Ideation: Information, Imagination, Vision (E3 Ideation) is working in partnership with Jefferson Street United Merchants Partnership (J.U.M.P.) to perform a North Nashville Business Competitiveness Survey. Eddie L. Gray, III, E3 Ideation founder, said this is the second time his agency has been able to work with Sharon Hurt, the executive director of J.U.M.P, an organization that has been a mainstay in the North Nashville area for a number of years. “We are looking forward to the results of this survey,” she said.

According to Gray the survey will have numerous benefits. “This survey will not only benefit the J.U.M.P.’s organization, but it will also benefit the individual merchants and the community,” said Gray. “JUMP will be better able to understand it’s members (business owners and operators), the general economic environment in which they operate, in order to better serve them.” Gray said the community will be impacted because the results of the survey will allow JUMP to “empirically identify issues with infrastructure in the North Nashville and properly address them.

“Once these issues are addressed, businesses will have an easier time attracting customers; and customers, with better experiences will continue to patronize the businesses,” Gray said.

Gray says according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s County Business Patterns data series, the areas represented by ZIP codes 37208 and 37228, which comprise approximately 80% of North Nashville, were home to 278 and 254 active businesses, respectively. He said, “These figures place both locales in the bottom third in Nashville in terms of business location.”

The questions that E3 and JUMP are seeking answers to are: 1) Why is North Nashville in this position? 2) Does the area provide an appropriate environment for businesses to thrive? 3) Are there ways in which the business environment can become more advantageous? 4) Is this a function of the businesses themselves?

Ms. Hurt said that she hopes everyone approached will be cooperative in answering the survey questions.

“Through analysis of the results,” said Gray, “we hope to identify and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of: the businesses within the North Nashville area, North Nashville as a commercial center; and identify ways for JUMP to become better partner to all businesses within North Nashville, member and non-member alike.”

Paper copies of the survey are available, contact J.U.M.P. or E3 Three Ideation or visit www.tinyurl.com/NNBCS2012.