Get out of Sodom

Photo of Robin Harris Kimbrough

Robin Harris Kimbrough

As we go deeper into this New Year, many of us are facing the temptation to look back at some old situations, which we decided to leave behind in 2012. Letting go of stuff, even bad stuff, can be difficult to do. Sometimes we believe that what we left was not so bad, and we talk ourselves into going back to people and situations, which were unhealthy for us. The truth is we need to get out and stay out. We all remember in Gen. 18, Abraham’s pleas with God to save Sodom and Gomorrah.

In the final deal with God, God agreed to save Sodom if ten good people could be found. Ten could not be found; God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

However, God did decide to save Lot and his family. (Gen. 19) Lot pleaded with his family to leave Sodom pending its destruction, but some did not want to leave. They were uncooperative. Lot’s wife agreed to leave, but she looked back against instructions not look back, and she turned into a pillar of salt.

This story is good news for us who want to return to some bad situations. God does not want us to remain in Sodom—places and relationships which seek to destroy us physically and spiritually. God wants us out of Sodom. The hesitation and refusal of some of Lot’s kin reveals to us that everyone one does not want to leave Sodom.

There are some people who want to stay in unhealthy environments. They do not want to change. They do not want to avail themselves of God’s power of deliverance. They want to stay in Sodom. We, who want to move out of Sodom, cannot remain with them. We have to keep on moving away from destruction toward God’s safety. These people that do not want to get out Sodom are often people closest to us: spouses, siblings, parents, children, best friends, intimate partners, church members, and even pastors. Regardless of what they decided to do, we have to leave Sodom, even if we have to go all by ourselves.

If we remain in Sodom with them, we will be destroyed. Many of us cannot make progress like God wants us to because we are remaining in Sodom because we have allowed someone else’s decision to control the rest of our lives.

We have permitted someone else’s decision to be unhappy to influence us to be unhappy.

We have allowed someone else’s choice to live in mess to persuade us to continue to live in messy situations. We have aligned our will with people who do not have forward thinking, rather than aligning our will with God so that we can get out of Sodom.

It is time for us to let these people who have held us back to stay in Sodom, and we need to keep moving forward. When we choose to leave Sodom, we cannot look back. We must resist the desire for Sodom. We must not be curious about what happened to Sodom. We must look ahead; otherwise, our dreams, future, and goals will turn into a pillar of salt. Once we have left Sodom, there is nothing we can do about it. We look back because we miss it. We become nostalgic over Sodom. To deal with this nostalgia, we must remind ourselves of how bad Sodom was to our spirits and the potential for it to destroy our souls. Most importantly, we must know that where God is leading us out of Sodom is better than Sodom.

Get out of Sodom. Get out of negative thinking. Get out of abusive situations. Get out of depression, debt, and despair.

Get out of Sodom!