African American Genealogy Society holds workshop

In observance of Black History Month, the African American Genealogical and Historical Society of Tennessee, Inc. will conduct the second of three workshops on February l6 from 10 am till noon at the Looby Public Library on Rosa Parks Blvd.

The session will explore ‘how to find plantation and manuscript records’; ‘how to analyze the records and what to look for’; ‘non-verbal sources of information’; and ‘some ethnic characteristics in discovering ‘who am I?’ Samples of ‘plantation records’ will be shown including food ration books, correspondences, copy of warrants for kidnapped Black children,’ etc. There will be access to the DVD on the South Carolina families that traced their roots back to Angola, Africa.

The Workshops will be led by accomplished genealogists under the direction of Dr. Tommie Morton-Young, author of three books in genealogy and three CDs in the field, and Founder of the Society. The workshop is free to the public.

For more information, call 299-5626.