Teaching the gospel

Rev. William Watson

Much of what is called ‘Christian teaching’ in today’s society emphasizes the way to emotional peace and physical comfort. How much of the gospel do you have? Perhaps just enough to make you happy, but not enough to get you addicted. Do you want enough gospel for you to learn to really hate covetousness and lust? Certainly you don’t want so much that you start to love your enemies, or have enough gospel to cause ecstasy or repentance or transformation.

Maybe you would like to be cherished by nice forgiving people. We say we love everybody, but there are people we are not too anxious to be around. Since, we are all sinners and hypocrites, I just want enough gospel to keep my family safe and my children well behaved. We as Christians must learn the truth about God’s kingdom and Biblical teachings, “to seek ye first the Kingdom of God”—even if it leads to great suffering and hardship. In the book of Genesis, God decreed there would be two groups of people, i.e., the “saved or elect,” and the reprobates, or “condemned” (Genesis 3:15). Upon Adam’s disobedience, some have been chosen for salvation and others for damnation, even though both may live in the covenant community.

It is understandable why Christians try to find a comfort zone with a ‘take off and put on’ kind of religion. When the gospel becomes a political, ideological or social doctrine, it will make the cross of Jesus Christ less visible—instead of making it a godly pattern for daily living. Let us stop looking out for our own interests and look out for the interests of Jesus Christ. Let’s all put on the hold armor of God, with the defense of the word of Jesus Christ (Ephesians 6: 11).

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