Make Great Escape to Free Comic Book Days

Free Comic Book Day is a true gift to the fandom community. It’s a great opportunity to get actual full-length animated editions of comic books to keep, absolutely free! All you have to do is just show up, preferably early, at one of your local participating comic book stores, and you will be able to receive special Free Comic Book Day editions, sponsored by the leading publishers in the industry. Free Comic Book Day is made possible by a coalition of comic book stores and their sponsors.

Leading the way this year, the Great Escape has expanded the concept to a full two-day event, so now you get Free Comic Book Days all weekend, Saturday and Sunday, May 4 and 5.

“This year we’ll be offering six free comic books per customer,” according to management, “five of your choice from a diverse section of comics published especially for this occasion—plus, everyone gets a bonus sixth title: DC’s Superman: The Last Son Of Krypton #1.”

Free comic books are offered from 12 Gold titles such as The Walking Dead, Star Wars/Captain Midnight/Avatar: the Last Airbender, the World of Archie Digest, Sesame Street, Smurfs and others; and 32 Silver titles including Grimm, The Strangers #1, Batman & Teen Titans (DC Nation Super Sampler), Sonic The Hedgehog/Mega Man, Avengers Assemble: Hulk 7 Agents of SMASH, Judge Dread, Prince Valiant, Buck Rogers, and the World of Aspen.

“Free Comic Book Day May 4 is a major event in comic book world,” said Joanne Padgett, author of the Epic Novel series Vampires of Camelot. “Rick’s Comic City, 2710 Old Lebanon Road, will have special guests, and the lineup is amazing. Rick has spared no expense for this: artist Andy Price from My Little Pony; the 501st Stormtoopers; John Read from the Traveling Comic Museum;  Guy Gilchirst, the Nancy comics cartoonist; Tom Bancroft, Disney animator; Tales from the Geek podcast will be there to cover the event; a costume contest; a sidewalk sale with over 100 boxes of comics for only 50 cents; Guy Gilchrist will be teaching aspiring cartoonists how to draw comic strips; and much more. Free Comic Book day is family fun event so come on out and have some fun!”

Participating stores in the Nashville/Murfreesboro area include: The Great Escape [both locations], 111-B Gallatin Road North in Madison, 865-8052; and 5400 Charlotte Avenue, 385-2116; Rick’s Comic City, 2710 Old Lebanon Road, Suite 3, 883-7890; Comix City Too!, 1574 Gallatin Pike North at Rivergate; 868-3339; Outer Limits Comics, 116 Watson Glen, Franklin, Tenn. 615-790-2392, and Outer Limits Comics, 1115 Memorial Blvd., Murfreesboro, Tenn. 615-867-4211; Grand Adventures Comics & Games, 803 Thompson Lane, Suite 102A, Murfreesboro, 615-867-0838; and Hastings Books, 1660 Memorial Blvd., Murfreesboro, 615-904-9755.

Be sure to call ahead to find out exact store opening times and what special events or guests they may be having Saturday, May, for Free Comic Day. See you there!