Royal Comedy Tour coming Sunday

(top l-r) Sommore and D.L. Hughley will be joined by (bottom l-r) Gary Owen.Tony Rock, and Damon Williams (not pictured) when the The Royal Comedy Tour comes to Nashville.

The Royal Comedy Tour returns to Nashville this weekend, bringing a slate of topnotch comedians to entertain fans of standup comedy at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium. The Royal Comedy Tour will celebrate the comedians of old who set the bar for the industry today and showcase those comedians who are presently the voice of the industry right now. Headliners D.L. Hughley and Sommore will be joined by Damon Williams, Tony Rock, and Gary Owen.

The tour seeks to successfully continue the unforgettable tradition set forth by Def Comedy Jam and Comic View. If it’s raw, without regrets, full of real in your face emotion, you will get it from The Royal Comedy Tour. No other tour ever assembled mixes mayhem with merriment in such a way that thousands flock to see it year after year. Since its start in 2009, The Royal Comedy Tour has become the longest-running most successful urban comedy tour ever with a quarter of a million people having witnessed its comedians live on stage. During its previous installments, the Royal Comedy Tour saw unparalleled success from night to night with sold out shows across the country.

Redd Foxx, Flip Wilson, Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy are more than award-winning actors and icons of the comedy industry, and they all began their careers doing standup. Before their first best-selling comedy special or comedy album was completed, before they landed their first appearance in a hit feature film and before they got a role in a long running TV series, they were amazing audiences all around the country doing standup one comedy club and one city at a time. Whether in matters of race, religion or relationships, stand-up explored it all. Standup gave issues and what mattered most to people a platform and propelled comedians like Foxx, Wilson, Pryor and Murphy into the mainstream. Continuing the legacy and the rich tradition established by these legendary comics is the Royal Comedy Tour.

“The Royal Comedy Tour gives us an opportunity to discuss issues of today from our perspective,” said Sommore. “There is nothing like hearing what ‘we’ as comedians think is funny. When all is said and done, people will always appreciate funny. When all else fails for them in life, they will always appreciate what’s funny. It’s the one constant they can always count on. And on this tour, we will consistently be coming with “the funny.”

For fans coming to see this year’s Royal Comedy Tour, the social commentating will crack you up, the comic’s everyday rhetoric will cause a ruckus and the sidesplitting situations will stir you up. Overall, The Royal Comedy Tour is simply as the name suggests a top-notch, roll out the red carpet, unforgettable experience fit for kings and queens.

Tickets are still available for the show, which is Sunday, May 12 at the Municipal Auditorium in downtown Nashville.