Woman to Woman

Dr. Robin H. Kimbrough

This month many churches are celebrating Women’s Month. This focus on women is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate women in the church for their hard work. No one can deny that women are so important, critical to the work of God’s Kingdom. For this reason, we women need to take care of ourselves as we share our gifts with others to expand the work of Jesus Christ to those we encounter. This self-care involves women sticking together and nurturing one another. We need to be one-on-one with one another as we meet the challenges of motherhood, marriage, and ministry.

It is a struggle sometimes to keep everything in check, including our personal needs. Jesus values every woman’s work and dedication to his Kingdom, as shown in his interactions with women. Many of us are familiar with the two sisters of the Bible, Mary and Martha. Both of these women were close to Jesus. We learn from them in Luke 10:38-42 that women need and can get close to Jesus. Jesus is interested in saving women and using women, just like he is interested in saving and using the other gender. Although many of our preachers our men, it does not mean that Jesus will not use a woman or that a woman can’t get next to Jesus.

Mary and Martha were very close to Jesus. In our text, they had invited Jesus over to dinner. Jesus accepted. While Martha busied herself with the pots and the pans, Mary took on the role as a disciple reclining at Jesus’ feet. Frustrated with Mary’s decision to relax while she worked, she told Jesus to do something about it. Jesus responded saying to her, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things. But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that better part, which will not be taken away from her.” Woman to woman, Mary to Martha, we know that there are times that we need to slow down, and choose the better part.

The things that we busy ourselves with are important and necessary for the Kingdom of God, but there are times that we need to take in the love Jesus has for us. We need to let someone else cook dinner, take a day off from work, drop the children off with someone else, and give ourselves time to spend with Jesus, so that we can be replenished to deal with the kitchen—the pots and the pans. Often times, people try to keep women confined to the kitchen. They have philosophies disguised as religious truths that confine women to certain roles and certain ways of thinking. The truth is, we are more than the pots and pans—we are disciples of Jesus Christ.

Sisters we need to support one another as we grow in discipleship. We need to support our sister who is stuck in the kitchen and validate the sister who is walking in her call. So many times sisters pull one another down for petty reasons—looks, jealousy, skin color, financial status, marital status, or any other difference giving us a reason not to love our sisters. When women pull together and empower one another, we can balance the kitchen and the better part. We can find balance between work and play. We can fine balance between our bodies and spirits. We can find balance with one another. Let us be woman to woman, sisters in Jesus Christ, who choose the better part. When we choose the better part, we will not settle for anything less in our lives, because spending time with a man named Jesus, reminds us that as we give others our best, we deserve the best.