For faster power outage reporting, cellphone is key

Nashville Electric Service (NES) understands that power outages can be frustrating, but reporting your outage shouldn’t be. The utility is launching a two-month campaign urging customers to update their phone numbers on file for faster, easier outage reporting.

When the power goes out, it can be tough to find your NES account number or meter number. And, if you aren’t sure which phone number NES has on file for your account, it could be difficult to report your outage through the automated system.

The quickest way to report an outage is to call from the phone number that is tied to your NES account. Tip: Cordless landline phones may not work when the power is out. Therefore, cell phones are the most reliable during an outage.

“Be sure NES has your cell phone number on file today,” said Teresa Corlew, VP chief customer care officer. “Our system will automatically recognize your phone number and your outage location, allowing you to report a problem in seconds.”

Customers can easily update or verify their phone number by logging in to My Account at <nespower. com>. New users will need to register for an online profile or call NES Customer Relations at 615-736-6900. Customers can also verify the number NES has on file by looking at the message printed on this month’s bill.

To learn how to update your phone number through My Account at, watch our newest video at <http://>.

Along with the phone number campaign, NES is unveiling an improved outage reporting experience for customers. The new automated system is more concise and easier for the customer to use.

That means less waiting on the front end of the call and clearer inputs to report and process your outage request.