Lethia V. Owens vie for 2014 pageant crown

Lethia Valencia Owens

Lethia Valencia Owens

Lethia Valencia Owens, a native of Tennessee and a recent graduate of Tennessee State University, says she is honored to announce her campaign for the title of Miss Tennessee USA 2014.  According to her mother, Paula Owens, Lethia was “privileged to compete for the title of Miss Teen USA in 2005.”

Miss Owens, who graduated from TSU with a B.S. degree in Accounting, is dedicated also to helping youth reach their goals.  She presently spends time mentoring youth with emphasis on subjects like teen pregnancy, drug abuse, higher education and other of their concerns as teenagers.

She also supports brest cancer awareness and obesity.  Lethia says “being overweight hurts a person’s self-esteem; and over eating is not good for the soul.”

The Miss Tennessee USA Pageant 2014 will take place Oct. 3-4 in Clarksville Tennessee.  To know more about Lethia Owens’ participation as a contestant, visit Miss Tennessee USA 2014 at gofundme.com/lethiaowens