Modern fathers spend more time at home than in past 50 years

DALLAS, Texas — The struggle to balance work responsibilities and home life has long been a hot topic for women, but is becoming a struggle for a new generation of young fathers. According to a new Pew Research Center survey, fathers now spend more time engaged in housework and childcare than they did half a century ago. But they struggle to find a happy medium between meeting expectations of their families and employers. Approximately 56% of working fathers say they find balancing work and family responsibilities “very” or “somewhat” difficult, with the number one leading constraint being their obligations to their employer.

In his 2011 book, Strength to Stand, Bishop T.D. Jakes focused on the challenges that men face, urging that “we need role models and men whose shadows we may stand in, men who provide a cool refreshing place of safety away from the despair of our oppressive society.” Given this ongoing battle, Bishop Jakes is joining with a numerous spiritual and motivational speakers to host ManPower at MegaFest in August in Dallas, the largest inspirational festival in the United States.

“Today’s men have stretched themselves thin and to the breaking point,” Bishop Jakes said. “Our wives, our children, our homes, our parents, our jobs and our communities deserve better, and we need all of our broken and wounded pieces to be reassembled as only God can do. In this year’s ManPower at MegaFest, men will find inspiration and camaraderie as we minister to today’s unique challenges.”

More than 50,000 people are expected to converge in Dallas August 29-31 for MegaFest, which represents the first return of the major event to the United States since 2006. ManPower, one of Jakes’ most popular conferences and a lynchpin event of MegaFest, will challenge men to be leaders in their relationships, careers and communities. At the same time, women will be encouraged at Woman Thou Art Loosed, while young people will find ministry and answers on their level—all within a safe and nurturing family environment.

“Getting our families back together again, particularly today’s families that are scattered geographically, can be the most important healing step we can take,” Bishop Jakes said. “Our individual programs, ManPower, Woman Thou Art Loosed, MegaYouth and MegaKidz, will be even better together and will provide families with a one-stop place to heal and be strengthened. We are excited about what God will accomplish in our lives and within our families.”