Dr. King’s 50th, Shark Tank, Gala, Trayvon Martin, Conference

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In celebration of the 50th March on Washington (August 24, 2013), a number of activities were held prior to the march. Below are event photos from the MLK 50th Anniversary Emancipation of Capital Gala held on Thursday, Aug, 22nd and the Kingonomics Investment Conference held on Friday, August 23rd in Washington, D.C. Photographs from the activities included those of Rep. John Lewis, Dr. Dr. Rodney Sampson, retired NBA player Theo Radccliff, Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban, Shark Tank’s Daymond Johns, Trayvon Martin’s Parents and lawyer, and images of small businesses and minority owned business and minority owned businesses in line for the Shark Tank auditions,  more than 400 business auditioned.

Photos by JTCphotography/Meltwater Press