‘My Music Movement’

l-r: Owners of My Music Movement, Rowe and Daniel Evans

l-r: Owners of My Music Movement, Rowe and
Daniel Evans

‘My Music Movement’ is the brainchild of two brothers who hail from Atlanta, Ga., Rowe and Daniel Evans. Rowe is a Pop-Hip-Hop recording artist, and his younger brother Daniel is a poetic R&B artist. Rowe and Daniel are passionate about their business and their music. They are also passionate about helping others to get exposure through My Music Movement.

My Music Movement is a new concept in total packaging of music and media. It was created to give artists an opportunity to be heard. My Music Movement was started in February 2013. A Kiosk was placed in Rivergate Mall (the only minority owned business in the mall), with the purpose of promoting My Music Movement.
“It has helped to expand the business,” Daniel said when asked if having the Kiosk at the mall had been good for business. “We started with three projects and now we have 10, We are growing fast.”

The brothers are also talking of expansion to Opry Mills, Cool Springs, Murfreesboro and Clarksville Malls. They also plan to expand in 2014 to Atlanta. Their promotional marketing team can also be found at festivals, fairs, and tailgate parties.

According to Daniel, “people need a way for promoting their art. My Music Movement helps artists at every level from the dreamer to the top recording artist, at any stage. Independent media can be put into the hands of consumers.” Services provided by My Music Movement include: CD duplication, event bookings, promotions, printing, blank CDs, graphic design, studio time, video production, photography, internet promotions, mixing and mastering. This is a one-stop-shop for all genres of music. My Music Movement is a local Black business looking for people who are interested in marketing entertainment, and those who have a desire to work with a record label.

Ten–year veteran, Krush Entertainment, is being promoted by My Music Movement.