Truly awaited homecoming

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Homecomings are often met with excitement and anticipation. That is no exception for the forthcoming Tennessee State University Homecoming. Alumni are ecstatic at coming back to meet old friends and partake in the myriad of festive activities awaiting them. Coming home to TSU this year for many alumni is only highlighted by being able to embrace and celebrate the reality of having one of their own, Dr. Glenda Glover, as president of Tennessee State University. It is no doubt that she is a God-sent blessing. She represents a first for the university in many regards. It is the first time TSU has had a woman president and the first time a former graduate of the university has been the president. A long time in coming, she has graced our university and community with an unswerving allegiance and dedication that is manifested in her actions—personally giving $50,000 to the university and adamantly promoting it by personally recruiting and offering university scholarships to high school students. It seems she is a one person advertising and promoting agent for the school she so humbly loves. She can undeniably be called, ‘The Real Deal, and TSU is the better for her presence. An accomplished accountant, businesswoman, lawyer and former dean, she represents the best that our university has to offer. She is one of the many outstanding luminaries, who are products of the ‘TSU experience.’

TSU graduates rock, and can be found contributing in all honorable professions in major cities, states, and globally. TSU’s achievements and accomplishments are legendary and that’s a fact. The real beauty in TSU is that it gave many of those returning for homecoming a chance in obtaining middle class status when so many other universities turned their backs or made it financially impossible for many Black students at that time to attain admission to a college or university. TSU took these diamonds in the rough and with love and patience made them into sparkling diamonds with a radiance and brilliancy that cannot be ignored. Yes, they went forth and represented TSU in their designated professions. Laurels and praises of TSU are heralded in any part of the nation or world you visit. Coming home to where this intellectual, social, and loving transformation took place is a must and blessing for many.

I can only hope other universities or schools feel just an iota of the love and admiration TSU’s alumni, the Nashville community, and supporters feel in being able to participate in TSU’s Homecoming. Events such as the Mr. and Miss TSU Coronation, Alumni Blue Out Mixer, The Alumni Fish Fry, The Inaugural Reception and Scholarship Gala, the Pep Rally, Step Show, Homecoming Parade, and the Homecoming Football game along with the Alumni Home Coming Dance are just a few of the highlights that are to be enjoyed. The cookouts, dances, concerts, reunions, tailgating, numerous parties and personal gatherings will only be enhanced by the camaraderie of the TSU family and community coming together. The mere fact that TSU makes this occasion possible is a testament of its relevance in providing a venue that brings people together to celebrate its mission and purpose.

The friendships and experiences garnered while at TSU have acted as a cohesive bond contributing to lifelong friends and treasured memories. Better yet, avid supporters in the community takes pride in being able to actively participate and brag of the admiration they have for one of their greatest stalwarts in the Black community, TSU. This year’s 2013 TSU Homecoming Celebration, no doubt, will be one of the best (if not the best) homecomings to date. Once again, a much loved-filled welcome to TSU’s President Dr. Brenda Baskin Glover on coming home. We love you.