Metro Schools earn good grades for growth on State Report Card
Three B’s and an A in value added reflect strong progress

Metro Nashville Public Schools is celebrating students progress, as reflected in the State Report Card. Value added grades, in particular, are cause for celebration because they measure the most important attribute: growth.

“Our reforms are working and our teaching force is strong. The A and B’s we earned in value added are the result of that powerful combination,” said Jesse B. Register, director of schools. “The 6,000 educators in Metro Schools are due the credit for this. This report card reflects their dedication to students.

“We will keep pushing with the successful programs that have brought us this far and will not be satisfied until all students are achieving at high levels. With trend lines heading up and our strategic plan Education 2018: Excellence for Every Student in place to become the highest performing urban district in the country, we will get there.”

The 2013 state ‘Report Card’ offers increased functionality for users to view detailed breakdowns of last year’s continued statewide student achievement growth.

The new design of the 2013 Report Card offers users the ability to create personalized comparisons between state, school, and districts on the following measures: achievement, ACT scores, graduation rate, student enrollment and ethnicity, and value-added composite scores.

As an example, parents and community members can now compare individual schools or districts to see how well they are preparing students for college and careers, or to see which has a higher percentage of students on grade level in a specific subject area.

The 2013 Report Card also features a new profile page for each school, which shows student demographics, value-added composite scores, and student achievement in one central location.

“We think it’s important for parents and students, as well as school and district leaders, to know how well their schools are doing each year,” said Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman.

“The new functionality of the 2013 Report Card allows parents and the community to organize and compare specific information about students at the state, district and school level.”

The 2013 Report Card also features a new College and Career Readiness tab. This tab includes data on graduation rates, ACT scores, college readiness benchmarks, and the percentage of students who are eligible to receive the HOPE Scholarship.
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