Expressions of faith:
Allow God to reveal His Son
in you this season

Rev. William Watson

Rev. William Watson

Serving others is a key part of the Christian life and a way of serving God. Assisting, helping, or sacrificing when we serve others no matter how ordinary the task, our service is to God. If we want to live for God, we must be ready to say and do what seems strange to the world. We must be willing to give when others take, to love when others hate, to help where others have abused. As Christians, the best way to become more like Jesus Christ, is serving others. Jesus taught that the greatest person to God’s Kingdom is the servant of all, and the authority of leadership was given not for self-importance, ambition, or respect, but for useful service to God and His creation. Jesus says: “You did not choose me, but I chose you,” John 15:16.

If we are to be servants of Jesus, we must be made disciples supernaturally, meaning: “When it pleased God to reveal His Son in Me,” Galatians 1:15-16. When God reveals His son in us, service is the overflow, which pours from a life filled with love and devotion. God brings us into the proper relationship with Himself so that we can understand His call—and then serve Him on our own, out of absolute love. Therefore, when we receive His nature and hear His call, His divine voice resounds throughout His nature and ours and the two become one in service.

The son of God reveals Himself in me, and out of devotion to Him, service becomes my everyday way of life. “Whoever compels you to go one mile, go with Him two,” Matthew 5:41. Any goal we have that diverts us even to the slightest degree from the central goal of being ‘approved to God’ may result in our rejection from further service for Him. God calls us to His service and places tremendous responsibilities on us. He expects no complaining on our part and offers no explanation on His part. God wants to use us as He used His own Son.

My weekly prayer is for the reader of this commentary to become spiritually inspired of God.

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