True Way Church expands

From l to r:  Ms. Sarah Kozy,  Ms, Vivian Wilhoite, Bishop Henry Davenport, Senator Thelma Harper, First Lady Pamela Davenport, Council-lady Edith Taylor-Lanster, Judge Richard Dinkins, Deacon Steve Brady, and Deacon Russell Williams

From l to r: Ms. Sarah Kozy, Ms, Vivian Wilhoite, Bishop Henry Davenport, Senator Thelma Harper, First Lady Pamela Davenport, Council-lady Edith Taylor-Lanster, Judge Richard Dinkins, Deacon Steve Brady, and Deacon Russell Williams

The True Way Church, in operation since August of 1988 has expanded it’s territory. On September 8, 2013, the Church held a dedication service for a new property located at 2721 Clarksville Highway. A wonderful celebration was held with Stacy Douglas serving as Mistress of Ceremony. Bishop Henry Davenport, founder and pastor of True Way Church performed the opening ceremony; and the First Lady Pamela Davenport followed with prayer. Special guests, introduced by the pastor, were: The Honorable Thelma Harper, TN State Senator; The Honorable Richard Dinkins, TN Court of Appeals; The Honorable Edith Taylor-Langster, Metro Nashville Council person; and Vivian Wilhoite, Tennessee Regulatory Authority and former Metro Nashville Councilwoman. There were remarks from the guest as well as music by the True Way Church Praise Team.

New True Way ChurchDeparting to the building next door, the building was dedicated, followed by the ribbon cutting and ballons galore lifted to the skies. The event was coordinated by Terri Dobbins.

Bishop Davenport shared how God has blessed True Way Church. “Truly, God has chosen to bless the True Way Church since our inception until this present time. Time will not permit me to highlight all the stupendous things God has done in our ministry, however, I would like to place the totality of emphases on the latest and greatest blessing God has brought to pass, that is the purchase of the Church’s Chicken property next to the True Way Church,” said Bishop Davenport. “After, being told the property had been purchased by someone else for cash, God flipped the script and bless us to acquire the property. What a mighty God we serve! I pray that God will continue to shower His blessings upon the True Way Church.

Since the dedication service, the church has been in prayer for the best possible use of that property according to Bishop Davenport. “We believe that our choice has been a good one because we were in prayer; and our hearts agreed, said Pastor Davenport.”

Because land that was purchased next door to the church has a building with a full kitchen, it became an ideal space for the new location of Marco Polo’s Pizza, a full service restaurant that not only serves pizza, but burgers, salads, suds, and more. According to the Pastor Marco Polo’s Pizza “will be opening any day now.”

True Way Church is located at 2715 Clarksville Highway in Nashville, TN. For more information visit the website at or or telephone: 615-244-6725.

History of the True Way Church

Bishop Henry &  Mother Pamela Davenport

Bishop Henry & Mother Pamela Davenport

“Also I heard the voices of the Lord, saying whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, here an I, send me.” Isaiah 6:8

It was August 1988, a humble beginning, with no formal place to worship. Bishop and Mother Davenport opened the door of their home at the Tennessee Ridge Apartment, to all that would come. The Lord led Mother Davenport to start a Vacation Bible School for neighboring children within the complex. Many kids were drawn with much love, kindness, and food. As time went by, Bishop Davenport was invited to speak at numerous churches. Hearts were pricked by the Word of God and many were drawn to worship with Bishop Davenport. Pretty soon, there were Bible classes on Wednesdays, Sunday School Classes and Worship on Sunday, all in the Davenport’s apartment. As time passed, a need for larger and more private accommodations presented itself. In November 1988, the Pastor and the faithful members moved the services to the J. P. Napier Center. In December 1988, they moved their worship services to the J. P. Napier School Audit-orium. Always open to letting God perform a greater work, Bishop Davenport was not content with borrowing a facility. He wanted the True Way Church to have its very own building! Many times the search seemed fruitless. However, the Lord had a place and would in time reveal it to his people. When that time came, the Lord presented a two family dwelling at Tenth Avenue, North and Coffee that could be renovated into a church with a Sanctuary, Fellowship hall, and Kitchen.

“Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, here am I, send me.” Isaiah 6:8

In the year of 1988, Bishop Henry Davenport answered the call of the Lord and Bishop Bonner helped to establish a church in a strange land, Nashville, Tennessee. Sacrificing family, friends, job and possessions. Bishop Davenport and his family journeyed to Nashville to do a great work for the Lord.

During the month of March 1989, preparations were made to begin construction. Bishop W. L. Bonner, along with many Elders and Ministers traveled to Nashville to lend a hand. Bishop Bonner dedicated the edifice and officially opened the doors of “True Way Church” an affiliate of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith.
Bishop Davenport, a man who believes in fasting and praying, asked for Prayer Warriors to assist him in praying for souls to come in. Our prayers were answered, souls were being saved and saints began moving from other areas making True Way Church their church home.

Fall 1989 rolled around and the Word of God began to go forth to go forth in a might way. The city of Nashville was blessed to hear the dynamic voice of the True Way Church by means of our outreach ministry (1300 AM WNQM).

August 19, 1991, True Way Church began breaking ground to enlarge the sanctuary. For six (6) more years, the congregation remained at 1901 10th Avenue North and Coffee location, thanking God for his many blessings and wonderful works in their midst.

Pastor Davenport led to 2715 Clarksville Highway, “The Future home of the True Way Church.”

In March 1997, the True Way family paraded to the new site and blessed the ground upon which the True Way Church currently resides. July 12, 1997, God delivered us out of the wilderness into the promised Land-the new “TRUE WAY CHURCH!”

God moved in a mighty way. He brought souls from all around the country to this ministry! Broken marriages were mended, broken hearts were healed, and many souls were delivered through the preaching of God’s Word.