Faith of a mustard seed

 Barbara A. Woods Washington, M. Div.

Barbara A. Woods Washington, M. Div.

The ‘Year In Review’ is done by many from the usual perspectives. I attended the Saturday, August 24th ‘50th Anniversary of The March On Washington’ and present that perspective as a ‘2013 Year In Review”.

1/26 “Rally Against Gun Violence”. A grassroots event organized following the tragedy in Newtown, CT. The podium sign read: “March on DC For Gun Control”

3/22 “No KXL Protest”. Gathering at the Canadian Embassy protestors marched to the American Petroleum Institute, Valero offices and a TD Bank branch in Washington, DC. Their signs read: ‘No Tar Sands Pipeline-Earth First’ and ‘Say No to the Keystone XL’.

5/1 “May Day Protests”. Present were: the ‘Party for Socialism and Liberation’ whose signs read “Socialism is the answer to capitalist plunder and exploitation.” Then there were students from Towson University called the ‘White Student Union’ who, according tor their website, ‘promote European culture’. Among their banners was a Confederate Flag. Needless to say, this was a day of violent protest in the Nation’s Capital.

5/20 “Bring Justice To Justice”. Homeowners facing foreclosure and housing rights advocates rallied to demand Attorney General Eric Holder hold the Wall Street banks accountable for the damage to the U.S. economy. Arrests were made.

5/25 “Occupy Monsanto”. Blogged: “I wanted to check out the protest because I’ve been kind of concerned about Monsanto convincing lawmakers to not require any kind of labeling on genetically modified crops (or GMOs)”.

6/19 “Amnesty Protest Rally”. Blogged: “It was a peaceful rally, there were no threats – just like minded God fearing people, who wished to oppose oppressive government legislation.”

6/19 “Audit The IRS”. Organized by the Tea Party. A large majority of Tea Party elected Senators and Representatives were on board and billed as speakers.

7/15 “Trayvon Martin Protests”. Demonstrators March Through Washington, and throughout this country to include Nashville, after George Zimmerman Verdict

8/24 “50th Anniversary of the March on Washington”. NAACP, Urban League, SCLC, A. Phillip Randolph Institute held conferences and teach-ins commemorating these Organizations leadership given in 1963. The purpose remained the same: ‘We March For Jobs and Freedom’. I WAS THERE!

8/28 “50th Anniversary of the March on Washington”. Nationally televised (Bernice King and President Obama) reviewers wrote disappointing reviews at the turnout with no knowledge or regard for the 8/24 March.

9/11 “One Million Muslim March”. Bring awareness to the ever growing population of Muslims in America. 9/11 “Two Million Bikers”. Planned as a counter attack upon the Million Muslim March.

10/11 “Truckers to DC Convoy”. During the Government Shutdown, ‘Truckers to Shut Down America’ (T2SDA). The far right group set out to have President Obama removed from public office.

10/20 “Peace Vigil”. Was dismantled when found unoccupied. The Peace Vigil, demanding the end to nuclear weapons began in the summer of 1981 was in its fifth presidential administration.

10/26 “March Against domestic and international NSA surveillance”. People carried signs reading: ‘Stop Mass Spying’, ‘Thank you, Edward Snowden’ and ‘Unplug Big Brother’ to demonstrate against the online surveillance by the National Security Agency.

11/5 “Million Mask March”. Numbers reported as great as 17,000 in this demonstration in support of Wikileaks. Their signs read ‘Free Assange’.

11/13 “Million Vet March On The Memorials”. Blogged: “We cannot express how utterly disappointed we were that our Greatest Generation were being used as political pawns in the ongoing government shutdown and budget crisis. This should never be the case.”

11/18 “Ethiopians Protest”. Massive number of voices raised demanding an end to the slaughter of Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia. Watching the murderous truths that ignited this protest cuts to the soul.

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