Kevin Hart and Ice Cube take us on an unforgettable ‘Ride Along’

THE DYNAMIC DUO: James (Ice Cube) and Ben (Kevin Hart) on one of their many adventures in this daring and hilarious ride along.   photo: Universal Pictures

THE DYNAMIC DUO: James (Ice Cube) and Ben (Kevin Hart) on one of their many adventures in this daring and hilarious ride along .

What better way to begin your 2014 movie going season than with two of perhaps the most complimentary costars the silver screen has seen in ages: Ice Cube and Kevin Hart star in the new action-packed comedy “Ride Along.” Cube plays a tough guy detective, while Hart plays Ben, a high school security guard who wants to marry James’ sister Angela, who is played by Tika Sumpter. In order to receive James’ blessing, Ben agrees to a ride along with many hilarious and thrilling obstacles, which really highlighted the talent of both Cube and Hart. Will Packer and Ice Cube were two of the producers, with Tim Story directing the movie.

Cube says the movie makes the audience want to be a part of the ride along.

“The title is ‘Ride Along’ and the audience really, really wants to be in that back seat. Ride along and see how James can torture Ben and how Ben is resistant, you know. Ben is like a cockroach, he won’t die, he won’t go away, he won’t quit,” Cube said.

“Cockroach is a little extreme. You could’ve used another animal,” Hart said.

Both actors explained how it was working with each other, while cracking many jokes, but both saying they have a mutual respect for one another.

“He’s always on point. It’s cool because he’ll make the crew laugh, but also make the camera laugh too and a lot of guys can’t do that. Some comedians I’ve had to pull to the side and say, you’re making the crew crack up, but when we’re shooting you ain’t got no energy. What the [expletive], you know what I mean? Sit down…He’s not like that. He’s an energizer bunny. I don’t know if it’s coffee or cocaine, I don’t know what it is but he’s an energizer bunny,” Cube said.

Kevin Hart also explained that by working with Ice Cube he got to see that Cube is truly a professional.

“After meeting him (Ice Cube) and really talking and vibing with him about the projects and see his passion, I grew more excited. Once we got on set, we both had the same agenda, which was to knock this movie out the damn park and make sure we both bring our ‘A’ game. It takes a true professional to allow somebody like myself to come in and have the opportunity to be funny and to do all those things, but Cube, he didn’t mind doing that,” Hart said.

With Hart’s more recent success, with the launching of his own docu-comedy in 2013, “Let Me Explain.” sold out comedy shows and starring in a slew of other movies coming out this year, it was hard not to notice that his presence in a movie makes it absolutely captivating and hilarious. Ice Cube agrees and even said the performance that Kevin Hart puts on in front of the camera is the best he’s seen in a while.

“I still don’t know I made it. I think the minute I think about it is the minute I’m [going] to go crazy. I don’t like addressing it. It’s a dream to me. That’s why I don’t go to sleep. I’m afraid I’m going to close my eyes, wake up, this [expletive] going to be over,” Hart said.

“Ride Along” was healthy balance of action and comedy with an underlying message of “don’t judge a book by its cover.” That’s exactly the idea of the director of the movie, Tim Story. Along with this underlying message, was carefully crafted comedy, which is a personal favorite for Story who is known for producing the blockbuster comedy, “Think Like A Man.”

Get ready to experience the epic journey of James and Ben and how unpredictable their journey is. By the way, Hart says to pay attention to a special scene and he was very specific: 29 minutes, 56 seconds. According to the comedian/actor, “everything about that says action.” You’ll have to see for yourself. “Ride Along” is out in theaters, Friday, January 17, 2014.