God gives us victory

Photo of Robin Harris Kimbrough

Dr. Robin Harris Kimbrough

Many of us grew up watching game shows like The Price is Right, Joker’s Wild, Jeopardy, Family Feud, and many others, which have aired over the years. We enjoyed these game shows, because they gave us joy to see someone win the prizes. We also felt the disappointment when someone did not win. Whether we have witnessed the disappointment of losing on a game show or experienced playing Monopoly, we know that losing does not feel good. Losing a board game, of course, does not hurt as much, as experiencing some of the loses life often dishes out. We have learned on this journey that we cannot win everything. We will have disappointments. We have also faced the harsh reality in this life that life is not Burger King—we cannot have it our way.

One of our biggest struggles as human beings is handling situations, which do not turn out the way we want them or expect them to turn out. Some have faced the disappointment of loving someone who did not love them back, and the person they loved decided to love someone else. Others have had the challenge of being an athlete, and after much practice, time and effort, they still could not make it to the Super Bowl. Who has not experienced competing for a job and not getting it, or applying to a school and not being accepted, or participating in an essay contest and not winning? Yes, we have all been on this road of disappointment.

For us to move forward on the road to victory, we must not interpret our losing as a ‘loss,’ but as a stepping-stone toward our ultimate victory. The problem with many of us is that when we lose, we look at ourselves as losers, and we permit demonic thoughts like jealousy, unworthiness, pity, shame, and guilt to keep us from evaluating our situation so that we can do better the next time. Our problem is that we have a misunderstanding of victory. Victory is not winning a Super Bowl Ring, a Green Jacket, or a crystal trophy. Victory is a gift from God through Jesus Christ. But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ (I Corinthians 15:57).

There are plenty of people who have won stuff, but they still do not have the victory. Having the victory means overcoming, meeting a challenge, refusing to cooperate with fear, rejoicing with others, and deciding to keep on trying. For us to be victorious, we must acknowledge the one who is the source of our victory—Jesus Christ! Regardless of how many times we have come in second or last place, we are victorious even in loses, because we have Jesus Christ. This is why even when it looks like our circumstances are victorious over us, we can still claim the victory.

This is why even someone who does not come in first still has the victory as long as they finished the race. When hurt, disappointment comes into our lives.

Things just do not go our way. Let us not forget that neither people nor things can give us the victory, but God gives us the victory through Jesus Christ.