Meharry AARP Chapter 2534 closes old year begins new year

New officers of AARP Chapter and others ready for the new year

New officers of AARP Chapter and others ready for the new year

Last month Meharry AARP Chapter 2534 came together for their annual Christmas Dinner and the selection of new officers. Dr. Ann Dozier Turner-Brooks retired from the office of president at the year end meeting, Dec., 2013. Mr. Obi Badili, who will succeed Dr. Turner-Brooks as president; and the other officers were sworn in by Tennessee State Rep. Brenda Gilmore.

One of the main features of the event was the recognition of other persons leaving their positions, especially J.T. Henry. Coach Henry held his position as vice-president under three administrations.

His knowledge of the charter’s function, his status in the community, his intellect, and honesty will be greatly missed. However, he has vowed to assist the chapter through the transition period, as coach Henry stated, “I remain committed to doing everything possible to assure a through transfer process and a good outcome”.

According to Turner-Brooks, Chapter 2534 is one of the state’s most prestigious groups. “This is a leading advocacy chapter; and a health orientated organization that has received several awards for its benevolence and volunteerism,” she said.

The organization hopes to partner with other small AARP groups and will support the engagement of our 100+ members with them in order to increase awareness of the needs of the elderly population’s finances, health, and social activities.

Everyone was pleased with how the year ended, special thanks were given to Mrs. Rosa Mimms, Rose Clinger, Laura Spencer, Vivian E. Ray and Audrey Hall, Annie Williams And Velma Woods for outstanding services in 2013. The group also thanked Rev. Dr. George Brooks for always allowing the AARP organization for the use of the St. James Church facility and parking grounds for various functions.