Expressions of faith: Has God found you?

Rev. William Watson

Rev. William Watson

As the result of the fall, every human being enters this world with a mind that is “enmity against God.” Consequently, there is none that seek after God. Therefore God, in His marvelous act of grace, becomes the Seeker. The great God becomes the Seeker because He set His heart upon those whom He marked out to be the recipients of His sovereign favors.

God had set His heart upon Abraham, and therefore did He seek and find him amid the heathen idolaters in Ur of Chaldea. God set His heart upon Jacob, and therefore did He seek out and find him as a fugitive from his brother’s vengeance, when he lay asleep on the bare earth.

This is equally true with every Christian living in the world today: Has God found you? When God truly ‘finds’ one of His own, He reveals Himself. Has He made Himself known unto you? Has He given you, in any measure, a vision of His sovereign majesty? His awesome power, His ineffable Holiness, His wondrous mercy, and wondrous love? Has He? When God revealed Himself to Job (Job 42:6), Job said: “I abhor myself.”

To my readers, is this your experience? Have you discovered your depravity and lost condition? Have you found there is not a single good thing in you? Have you seen yourself to be fit for, and deserving only of hell? If you truly feel this way then that is good evidence. It is proof positive that God has ‘found’ you.

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