A Salute to a Trooper

L. Kim Battle

L. Kim Battle

L. Kim Battle shared her writing talents with the readers of the Nashville PRIDE for a time. You’ll surely remember her. She wrote an editorial column, called Positvely Speaking, as she kept herself busy doing a number of other things. She is now working, and recently was seen at her job.

It has been about four years since she wrote the column on a regular basis—but as usual she gave a great big smile when asked what she had been doing.

“With several new adventure and minor setbacks, I have been quite busy,” said Kim. “I have experienced life’s lessons, good and not so good, along with physical and spiritual transitions. In 2010, I was placed in a nursing facility (again).

“It was at this time that I decided to live like I never lived before. I made a promise to God and to myself that whatever I wanted to do, I would pursue it. After this revelation, I became a Ph.D. candidate at Capella University. I tell you that this is a stressed, difficult, draining experience such as I have ever encountered. Yet, it is the most rewarding.

“I did not know how much research, reading, writing, research, reading, writing, research…(well, you get the picture) that was involved. I now understand ‘why’ one should take one course at a time. I was so exhausted that I was reading the same thing two and three times, writing crazy sentences, and turning in the wrong papers to the wrong course. My mental state needed a break, but my determination to finish in a specific time frame prevented me from wanting to stop for a while. But after staying up for long hours, reading three or four chapters a night, I knew that I needed time to rest.

“Though we have agendas and time frames for our plans, sometimes we have to take a detour and regain our focus. Not saying that we will never complete what we started, but when we return, we will be able to apply our whole being. It is important to allow a realistic amount of time to complete any goal. However, do not become discouraged because ‘you’ did not work in the time limit that you allotted. Remember, He holds the plans, schedules, and paths to our lives. All we have to do is trust His decision.

“Also, I have decided to write a book. Well, two books actually. The first will be a compilation of short stories that will ‘focus’ on courage, trust, assumption, and love. The second book will consist of the journey of my life after graduating from Tennessee State University to the present. I am very excited to share my journey, though some of the memories will be difficult to confront. But with my faith in God and His guidance, I will prevail.

“My plans are to publish short stories in August 2014, followed by my life journey in December 2014. As far as school is concerned, I am preparing myself mentally to tackle the final stage of my degree: the dissertation. The pressure of the process is very tedious and stressful.

“So after the books are published and I walk across the stage, I am now formally inviting you to attend the festivities because it will be good to see you!”
L. Kim Battle is a trooper, one admired by many, because when you see her and she tells her story, you will surely know that she means it when she says: “Good to see you!”