Nashville is happening

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

There is no question that Nashville is growing at a phenomenal rate. It is an awesome and great place to live offering amenities second to none. Nashvillians should be honored and proud to live in such a flourishing and culturally diverse city. While many from northern cities or states may joke or stereotype Nashville as a hillbilly city composed of nothing but country music and illiterate residents, they are sadly mistaken. Nashville is unapologetically proud of its country music roots that attract country music lovers from all over the world as tourists. It also prompts music writers, musicians, and performers to adopt Nashville as their home. However, one should be aware that Nashville attracts recording artists and musicians of all music genres to its 180 plus recording studios dubbing Nashville as Music City USA. It attracts perspective artists pursuing their dreams, and whether their dream is realized or not, Nashville often becomes a permanent destination or place to live for many of these artists because of its inviting atmosphere.

Nashville is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States because it offers s a large variety of accommodating choices in so many areas. It is an exciting place to live whether single or with a family. There is so much to do in Nashville. The city was ranked by Forbes as No. 5 in creating high paying, working class jobs.

The Nashville area can boast of being one of the most prolific educational hubs in the country containing 21 accredited four-year universities and colleges. Some of these institutions include: Tennessee State University, Fisk University, Meharry Medical College, Baptist Seminary College, Vanderbilt University, Belmont University, Trevecca University, Aquinas College—and the list goes on and on including six community colleges and 11 vocational and technical schools. Nashville offers opportunities for secondary and postgraduate education second to none.

The city is attracting businesses with its tax breaks and incentives from all over the country, offering its citizens a broader opportunity for employment and growth. Nashville has many major interstates that attribute to allowing interstate commerce to flow smoothly. Its central location is ideal for interstate travel. Large companies may be attracted to its large pool of educated people from its many universities. Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) and Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), Pinnacle Financial, Firestone Tire and Rubber Corporation, Gibson Guitars, and Vanguard Health Systems are some of the major corporations locating their headquarters in Nashville.

Nashville offers a plethora of cultural experiences for the arts. You have the Tennessee Performing Art Center (TPAC), The Schermerhorn Symphony Center, the Grand Ole Opry, the Ryman Auditorium, and the Music City Center to name a few places to enjoy different genres of music as well as plays and other forms of entertainment.

If you are interested in southern history Nashville offers an array of national historic sites to visit. Nashville is known for other historical southern traditions, e.g.: the Jubilee Singers, and the city’s role in the Civil Rights Movement. Let’s not forget that Nashville offers a multitude of restaurants and eateries that could satisfy the palates of the best of connoisseurs of fine cuisine.

Now for sport enthusiasts, Nashville is the place to be, offering a venue for almost any major or minor league sports. That includes professional teams such as the Titans in football, the Predators in hockey, and the Sounds in baseball. Nashville is a major host for many rivaling teams coming to compete against its many high schools or universities in football, basketball, baseball, soccer, swimming and track.

Nashville is a major convention center contender, offering hotel accommodations to host large conventions. The Nashville Convention Center downtown makes Nashville competitive with any major city for hosting huge conventions. Plus, downtown Nashville offers tourists so much to choose from with its shops and taverns—offering entertainment, food and libations. In fact, Nashville has hosted many national award shows such as the Dove Awards, and the Country Music Award Show. It is the location of many local and nationally filmed and televised shows.

Another major attraction of Nashville is undoubtedly the Opryland Hotel. It is an experience within itself. Not only is it one of the largest hotels in the country, it has been dubbed by some as an addition to the seven wonders of the worlds with its breath taking attractions and scenery. Be ready to spend more than a day enjoying this adventure.

Nashville is a visibly clean city, offering a moderate cost of living index when compared to many cities its size. Nice affordable homes can be found and there is no state income tax. The weather is moderate with warm sunny springs and summers and moderate tolerable winters. However, Nashville’s greatest asset is its friendly, hospitable citizens with their heartwarming smiles and down home hospitality. Nashville takes pride in celebrating culturally diversity in such festivals as the African Street Festival, Oktoberfest Festival, St. Patrick’s Day, and Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Activities promoting cultural awareness are encouraged.

Next time you hear someone speak negatively about Nashville categorizing it as a hick town, tell them to do their homework and don’t be so hasty to make comments they cannot substantiate. Nashville may not be perfect but when compared to other cities its size, Nashville is batting 100.