Spirituality demands activism

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

All too often good people take a back seat and allow evil to prevail. We are talking about law-abiding citizens who claim to be religiously or spiritually conscious and concerned with helping their fellow brothers and sisters. But for whatever reasons, they make no attempt to fight or voice injustices befalling others. By acquiescing they are perpetuating the wide spread of flagrant displays of injustices by self-serving entities that hurt us all.

The culprits harboring wrongs could be individuals such as politicians or big businesses with hidden agendas not intended for the best interests of the public. Looking the other way and accepting wrongdoings and injustice makes you a silent participant. Unfortunately, many adults feel that trying to intervene and bring attention to uncomfortable or unsavory issues can bring unwanted consequences or retaliation by opposing forces. This could mean being demonized, vilified and treated as a pariah. Many are not willing to put themselves out there to be victimized. Then there are those who complain tirelessly to their family and friends expressing that this is just the way it is. There is nothing that can be done to change the outcome.

There is a sense of impenetrable hopelessness allowing the status quo to often go un-confronted. This way of thinking is convenient to a society of wolfs preying on sheep and is welcomed by abusive parties. Passively watching and not fighting injustices is nothing short of a sin when every fiber of good in us cries out for redemption.
Why seek spiritual growth involving helping those less fortunate and standing up against what may be unpopular, although you know it is morally right? That is what many consider the main relevancy or purpose of religion—as a vital compass necessary as a guide for obtaining eternal salvation. Listening to the word, but failing to be active participants in its implementation is what so many of us are guilty of. Activism seems to be so blindly missing. It is activism that allows you to let your light shine when all around you seem dark, gloomy, or hopeless. To make it plain, it means doing everything possible to eradicate pain, suffering and injustice in this world—regardless of the consequences that you may be subjected to by man.

Going to church every Sunday, sitting on pews, and listening to messages on how to walk the straight and narrow is irrelevant and void if not practiced. Collectively, we can save ourselves as well as our brothers and sisters by just doing what is right, which often involves fighting and speaking out against injustices occurring around us. This often means moving out of one’s comfort zone and walking out on faith. Easier said than done. There are not enough people physically advocating for changes to correct wrongs and injustices around them or in their communities. Churches should encourage and promote their congregations to not only be active in their personal church, but also outside the church and in their communities.

Somehow many goodhearted people have been bamboozled by spiritual institutions practicing exclusion, forming an allegiance to that particular institution. They are not encouraged to work collectively with other entities to address and fight social ills unless initiated by their own church. You also have state and federal policies of separation of church and state, which is without a doubt a gray area. But it is generally accepted to keep fanatics from dictating or forcing their views on their opposition. However, true righteous spirituality cannot be delegated by man and if practiced correctly should only seek to enlighten man’s involvement in helping his fellow man.

In case you have drunk the punch or just don’t know any better, you cannot separate or divorce true divine spirituality guiding your morality—regardless of what man demands or would have you believe. Indifference to the welfare of others is void of spirituality and not divine. Truly divine spirituality should follow you at all times, and be an uncompromising part of who you are.

True spirituality is void of hate and harm to others manifesting love. Anything less is not divine or spiritual. If you think going to church every Sunday and praying without activism is going to get you into heaven, I wish you luck. Now is the time to take a stance and make a difference in personally becoming involved in fighting injustices occurring all around you? Spirituality is activism. Get involved