Mother/Daughter Tea held at Galilee Missionary Baptist Church

Members of Daughters of Destiny and sisters of Parthenon Links, Inc. join for the Mother and Daughter Tea (Photo by Wanda Clay).

Members of Daughters of Destiny and sisters of Parthenon Links, Inc. join for the Mother and Daughter Tea
(Photo by Wanda Clay).

Mothers and daughters and other friends and family of Galilee Missionary Baptist Church gathered on a leisurely afternoon for a Mother/Daughter Tea on May 10, hosted by the Daughters of Destiny and supported by the women’s ministry at Galile and the Parthenon Links, Inc.

During the hours of noon and 3 pm, the ladies participated in the event themed: ‘It’s Gonna Be a ‘Fancy Time.’

Valerie M. Lee presided over the occasion as attendees were given extraordinary information concerning all aspects of ‘a tea,’ including the history of tea drinking and the proper etiquette while participating in a tea.

Min. Yolanda Harris Jackson, founder of Daughters of Destiny, was the keynote speaker for the afternoon. She delivered a stirring message entitled, ‘Victorious Living In Christ’ that addressed the purpose of the ministry.

Daughters of Destiny was founded in 2007 by Min. Harris-Jackson, with the vision of promoting “young Christian girls committed to service, leadership, and education while putting God first with a promise to consider values and what faith in God teaches when making life decisions and seeking advice when help is needed.” This Mother and Daughter Tea is anticipated to be an annual event to provide an example of generational cohesiveness.

A lesson in etiquette was delivered as Gwendolyn Harris, youth facet, Parthenon Links, Inc. answered the question: ‘What is a tea party?’
“It is a myth that one must drink with their pinky out because teacups have not always been made with handles,” said Harris, “and that was because the hand was too large to hold the cup.”

The information consisted of the ‘dos and don’ts’ of preparing tea, serving tea, stirring tea, drinking tea and the attire for attending a tea.
Other Parthenon Links, Inc. sisters accompanied Harris.

Other participants on the program included: Kennedy Martin; Saniyah Harvey; J’vonne Merrell; and Jan-Nee Sheats-Mathis, program chair of the Parthenon Links, Inc.

The Daughters of Destiny ministry’s representative colors include: “Red is for our love; purple is for our prosperity; and white is for our purpose.”

The ministry is coordinated by 13 adults, including: Bernice Goodman, event coordinator; Brittney Smith; Cassandra Thompson; Dorothy Mayes; Georgetta Bowen; Holly Alexander; Iva McHaney-Jackson; Marquita Hill; Shelecia Springer; Tamela Jackson; Valerie Lee; and Yvonne Starks.
Galilee Missionary Baptist Church is located at 2021 Herman Street under the leadership of Rev. William R. Harris.