Meet Linda Harrison

Linda Harrison

Linda Harrison

She’s a devoted mother, loving wife, award-wining author, public speaker, and an inspiration to all who meet her. Oh, and she’s also the manager of the East Branch of the Nashville Public Library. Linda Porter Harrison is all that, and more.

“I was placed on this earth to serve,” said Harrison. “I believe that God has blessed every human being with more than one talent. His expectation is that we use one or more of those talents to contribute to this world in a tangible and worthwhile manner.”

Her talents emerged early in college when she was tabbed to be the front person at campus events while enrolled at Grambling State University in Louisiana. The Las Vegas, Nevada, native began her career in broadcast journalism, working for radio and television stations in Vegas as news director/talk show co-host at KCEP Radio 88.1; news coordinator/reporter at KNTV Channel 13; and writer/community affairs reporter for the Sentinel-Voice newspaper.

While mentoring young women on the side at a public library, the librarian there suggested to her that she could reach and help more people through a stationary position in a library. So she took a position with the library. She then went on to graduate school to earn her Masters in Library Science in Pennsylvania, where she was named Student of the Year at the University of Pittsburgh.

Harrison is a highly motivated and organized person, and a proficient team player with excellent leadership and communication skills. Her capabilities within the library system are exemplary. With over 20 years of library experience, she is quite knowledgeable on evaluating and assessing collections, staff training and development, children’s and young adult programming, adult reference, outreach and community affairs. Her skills, extensive background, and ability to adapt to change are a vital asset to Nashville’s library management team.

As an author, The Black Librarian Nation (a consortium of Black librarians throughout the U.S.) chose Think Like A Man…and here’s a thought: Start Acting Like a Man as their best pick for summer/fall reading for 2013. Her sorority, Delta Sigma Theta also chose Think Like A Man…and here’s a thought: Start Acting Like a Man as one of their favorite summer picks for 2013. She recently discussed the book on Smiley & West, where Tavis Smiley and Cornel West interviewed her on their national radio show.

Linda Porter Harrison’s thoughts about life, love and relationships

“Before you dedicate your life to someone, be sure that you are happy with YOU. It is unfair to place the burden of your happiness and self-worth on the shoulders of another.”

“I find that women tend to be excited about the pomp and circumstance of getting married and pay very little detail to the relationship part of marriage. If they placed the same type of energy, focus and detail on building a strong foundation with their soon to be mate—marriages would start off in a much better place.”

“I am a woman, a wife, a mother, a mentor, a motivator, a public speaker, a writer, a singer and a librarian all rolled up into one.”

“People always ask me how do I do all that I do in terms of writing, speaking, mentoring, and work. And my response is always the same: ‘All of what I do is tied together. I don’t actually see them as separate interests, but as pieces of me working together harmoniously to fulfill my purpose.’”