Lemonade cupcakes raise funds for children with cancer

The Cupcake Collection partners with Alex’s Lemonade Stand to help cure childhood cancer.

The Cupcake Collection partners with Alex’s Lemonade Stand to help cure childhood cancer.

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade—cupcakes that is. From June 9-30, The Cupcake Collection, will host Alex’s Lemonade Stand, a national foundation that raises money and awareness for childhood cancer.

“As we continue to celebrate five years in business I recall some of my initial inspiration for getting started. I recounted the story of Alex Scott, the four-year-old powerhouse who, as a cancer patient herself, set up a lemonade stand to raise funds that would help others as she had been so generously helped. Her vision and commitment inspired me to adopt a ‘we will serve others’ mentality as a part of our business culture,” shares entrepreneur and baker Mignon Francois.

Celebrating 10 years, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer, has raised more than $80 million and funded more than 450 research projects. Across the country during the month of June, young people, businesses, nonprofits, and the general community will come together in support of the effort to cure cancer one cup (or cupcake) at a time.

Throughout the month, The Cupcake Collection will create lemon themed cupcakes with a portion of the proceeds from sales going to the cause. Daily, the bakery will host a virtual ‘stand’ where cupcake aficionados can call in to make virtual donations, order lemon flavored cupcakes to be shipped anywhere in the U.S., make a purchase at the Germantown location, or have cupcakes delivered locally to their home or business. Additionally, on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays bakery visitors can make their donations at the physical stand on the front porch.

“Our goal is to raise $500 to contribute to the organization but as we have experienced before Nashville is sure to help us exceed that number,” Francois said.

Support Alex’s Lemonade Stand by calling in a donation, order cupcakes to be delivered, shipped, purchased in person, or donate online at <alexslemonade.org>.