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Teen Tweet on summer break

Lizzie Kimbrough

Lizzie Kimbrough

This is my first ‘Teen Tweet,’ and I have to admit that I am a little lost for words. Most of my peers are chilling out on beaches and hanging out in the mall. Here I am writing an article, a very important article.

I recently met with the academic director at my school, and we planned out my entire life through fall of 2017. With excitement and anticipation, she asked, “Lizzie, what are you doing this summer?” My response surprised her: ‘I am volunteering at Nations Ministries, an organization servicing refugee and immigrant children. Yes, I am working.’”

This summer, I decided to do an internship rather than spending time in my mother’s office like I did last summer. After you have scrolled Instagram posts repeatedly, counted your ‘likes,’ and run out of ways to make fun of your parents on Snapchat, it’s time to do something meaningful and productive. One way you can make your summer productive and help people at the same time is by volunteering.

Volunteering can help you with your college applications, help you get job experience, give you an opportunity to learn something new, and make a good impression on your parents. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities around Nashville, including Hands-On-Nashville, the Nashville Rescue Mission, children’s summer camps, and your local church. Hands-On-Nashville has a specific program for teenagers, the Youth Corps Volunteer Camp 2014. The camp offers teens an opportunity to spend a week exploring an issue that impacts our Nashville community .

When I left the school, someone said to me, “all work and no play makes a dull Lizzie.” Tweet: ‘Work is not what you do. It’s the fun and joy you choose to make out of it.’ Listen to Lizzie.