Listen to Lizzie: A Teen Tweet on being different

Lizzie Kimbrough

Lizzie Kimbrough

People really get hung up on differences. I mean we are all different in some ways. Some of us speak Spanish and others speak French, and some people are dark skinned and some are of a lighter skin color. What I have learned this summer while working at Nations Ministry, a place providing services for immigrants and refugees, is that even though the children are from different places, we are still the same.

We learn the same, have the exact needs, and laugh at the same thing. I really wish the world could understand this concept. Unfortunately, the reality is a lot of people focus on difference, and sometimes criticize others because of their language, skin color, where they are from, how they talk, and how they dress. This is just not right.

Instead of picking on someone because he/she does not look like us, we should appreciate how everyone is different. If we took the time out to get to know the other person, we would find how much we are alike.

Listen to Lizzie. Stop missing out on good friends, wonderful opportunities to meet and learn from someone who may think differently, and life-changing experiences. When we appreciate the qualities of other people, we have a greater appreciating and sense of who we are. Tweet: Be the difference. Make the difference. Accept the difference.