Award winning barber opens new barber college in East Nashville

David Hiland cutting the ribbon at the grand opening of Music City Barber College.

David Hiland cutting the ribbon at the grand opening of Music City Barber College.

There’s a new school in town that’s buzzing in East Nashville.

Over 65 people were in attendance last Sunday at the grand opening of Music City Barber College on 903 Dickerson Pike.

The school’s owner, David Hiland, is an icon in the barber industry as well as Vernon Winfrey’s protégé.

His legendary gift allows him to be innovative and imaginative when competing in barber battles. He’s captured the attention of leading hair care companies and his bold haircut styles have been featured in many magazines. His other accolades include being a top competitor in over 25 national barber battles and winning countless amount of ‘barber education’ awards.

Someone who detected his creativity and talent early on was Hiland’s mother. Before losing her life to cancer, she told him he would be the greatest barber in the world. Hiland proved her right by becoming the only two time World Barber Champion. He won over $50,000 at the Bronner Brothers barber battle.

After winning so many barber battles, David retired from competition and continued to work in Vernon Winfrey’s Barber Shop.

Velma Demobreun has trained over 1,000 barbers and stylist in her 45 years of work. Hiland was one of her students at the International Barber and Style College. With his God-given talent and Ms. Demobruen’s help he was finally able to take the next step in his career and open his own barber school. “He knew that East Nashville was growing and he wanted to be part of it. He grew up on the streets of east Nashville and knew he always wanted to give back to the community,” said Demobruen.

He continues to make an impact by being a motivational and instructing barber seminars throughout the United States. He also has a book out entitled How To Become a Champion Barber.

There are currently 15 students enrolled at the college. For more information or to enroll call 615-227-2665.