Jesus can fix it

Last updated on July 21st, 2016 at 05:37 pm

Photo of Robin Harris Kimbrough

Dr. Robin Harris Kimbrough

We have all tried to repair something whether it was a toy or a car. We have even made an attempt to fix some things that we have no clue on how to put back together.

When we think we have met the challenge, it breaks apart. The truth is there are people who possess certain expertise to fix certain items, including cars and clogged arteries.

We trust that they know what they are doing when we bring our problems to them to fix. Often the issues we face are internal struggles, heartbreaks, and even sickness in our bodies that even doctors cannot resolve. These are the times we have to rely on our faith to trust our Savior Jesus Christ, because whatever the situation is he can fix it.

In Matthew 20, we find two blind men, yelling after Jesus. In spite of the discouraging crowd, the blind men get Jesus’ attention, and he toughed their eyes so they could see. Jesus is a miracle worker. Although there is no record that he went to medical school or had any other training with regard to medicine, he healed all manner of diseases during his ministry.

Sometimes we are like these two blind men, sitting on the side of the road, unable to resolve our current condition. The people around us may or may not possess the expertise to help us, but they would rather see us blind, begging, and unable to do things that God has called us to do.

The two blind men had a problem. Jesus solved it. We have to remember that no matter how impossible the situation, Jesus can fix it. We cannot fix our own problems. Sometimes our burdens and conflicts are too complex and overwhelming for us to resolve. In those cases, we must turn it over to Jesus, because he can fix it. Although we may seek friends and support people to help us to fix the situation, some of the stuff we have going on in our lives is too much for them to handle. Like these two blind men who called out for Jesus, we must do the same. We may have people in our lives who mean well, but they are just not equipped to help us. We may have people around us who discourage us, and make us think that our problems cannot be solved—that we will always be in this situation, and that there is no solution to our struggle. There is a song entitled ‘Problems,’ and the lyrics reveal that the woman thought being without a significant other would be a problem. But she eventually realizes that not having this man in her life actually has eliminated some problems—she has one less problem without him.

Jesus can fix it if we have the faith to give him our problems and trust him more than we trust our problems. As we go through this life, we will be tempted to fix the problems of others, to resolve their situations, especially those we love. We think we have the answer to everything, but we do not. There are times that God will use us to help someone, but that does not mean that we have been put on this earth to resolve every single situation. We would not dare trust a mechanic to diagnosis pain in our chest. We would not take a legal problem to a hair stylist. We would go to the person who we trust knows how to work out the situation.

Whatever breaks down in our lives, Jesus can handle it. He is a doctor in the sick room. He is a lawyer in the courtroom. He is bread when we are hungry, and water when we are thirsty.

It is our God. It is Jesus Christ who specializes in things that are impossible, and he can do what no other Holy Ghost power can do. He is our all in all. Jesus can fix it.