Sweet Creations pies on Unforgettable on CBS this Sunday night

Herman Patton and Barbara Toms,co-founders of Sweet Creations.

Herman Patton and Barbara Toms,co-founders of Sweet Creations.

Herman Patton, owner and co-founder of Sweet Creations calls himself the pie man. He informed the PRIDE recently that CBS has decided to feature his Sweet Creations pies in their Sunday night hit show, Unforgettable. The episode, “Throwing Shade” is the seventh episode airing in the third season of the show starring Poppy Montgomery and Dylan Walsh. It airs locally on WTVF Newscahnnel 5 at 8:00 pm CDT.

His popular nine-inch pecan pie was named one of the best pies in America by Travel and Leisure, and Sweet Creations are likely Tennessee’s best pies.

Co-founders Barbara Toms and Herman Patton have had 20 years of combined experience in the food industry and making custom pies.

Barbara Toms is a former attorney, and Herman Patton has many years of experience in the food industry.
Sweet Creations has expanded their Mapco presence to over 80 different store locations.

Sweet Creations is also the only storefront in Nashville that strictly sells homemade and gourmet pies to the public. Sweet Creations offers a variety of homemade three-inch and nine-inch pies, including the popular tasty pecan pie, as well as apple, peach, chocolate chip, sweet potato and ‘jus’ (like chess)’ pies. Sweet Creations is located on 901 Monroe St. (formally NES), just minutes from the Farmer’s Market and downtown Nashville.

For more information about Patton’s pies, visit sweetcreationsllc.net