Expressions of faith
Beyond human comprehension

Rev. William Watson

Rev. William Watson

God pursues His people, desiring to do good for them. When the church (God’s covenant with people) comes in commitment and faith, God promises to be their God. God wants to make an everlasting covenant with each individual, every person can have the same assurance David had of God’s faithful love. Receiving the assurance, we also receive the commission to witness to all (Isaiah 55:1-13).

Evangelism is our call to salvation, and God calls all to receive His free grace that only salvation can truly satisfy (Isaiah 55:1-2). All can have a new life as nations and people come into the new covenant (Isaiah 55:3-5). God warns everyone to seek Him while He can be found (Isaiah 55:6).

The human response must be one of true repentance. Drawing near to God with repentance is imperative: “Let the wicked forsake his ways,” (Isaiah 55:7a). Pardon and forgiveness are wonderfully possible. The promise of a rich and free pardon means His grace and forgiveness knows no limits (Isaiah 55:7b). God is above all. The way God carries out His plans and purposes are beyond human comprehension: “My ways are not your ways” (His ways are higher and more lofty than the distance between heaven and earth [Isaiah 55:8-9]). God’s word is powerful and will do its saving work (Isaiah 55:10-11). Great joy erupts everywhere when people come to salvation (Isaiah 55:12). Fruit that glorifies God is the everlasting result of effective evangelism (Isaiah 55:13). In the light of these realities, how wise it is to evangelize and call people to joy in God’s great salvation through Jesus Christ His Son.

My weekly prayer is for the reader of this commentary to be spiritually inspired of God.

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