Life is too short

Dr. Robin H. Kimbrough

Dr. Robin H. Kimbrough

We have all heard the statement ‘life is too short,’ and it is really true. As I look how fast my children have grown, I realize that life is too short. No matter if we were live to be 1,000 years of age, life does not last that long as compared to eternity. Life is too short. The issue is not how long life lasts, it is how fast the time goes. This is what the writer meant with “life is just a vapor.” Because life is so short, we must seize every moment and make the best out of it and get the most out of it. We do not have to live with regrets in this life.

Every moment we wake up we can take advantage of each new day.

Life can get rough sometimes. Look at the state of our nation—racial riots, hatred, and disunity. Look at the state of our world—wars, killings, and fear of being killed. Look at our personal lives—hurt, pain, disappointment, and struggle. Yes, things can look a little bleak. But there is still a life to live. As long as there is life in our bodies, there is still hope. There is still another chance. There is still another step that we can take toward improving our lives. We have the opportunity to live out this hope if we keep the faith.

This vapor we call life can be something wonderful and it can be an opportunity to give someone else life. At the end of the journey, we will know the answer to the question of ‘how we made it.’ We will be able to declare that we made it with the Lord on our side. The truth is we cannot make it through this life without the love and help of Jesus Christ. Without embracing the love of Jesus that follows us all the days of our lives, we could be tempted to end this life before its time. We would not be able to walk through sickness, hurt, and pain without Jesus in our lives.

Some people think that their life is over when a relationship ends, when they lose a job, or when they receive news that they have a terminal ‘beginning.’ These situations drive some people to give up on their lives, and they stop living. They stop enjoying the life they have because of the loss or disappointment. On the contrary, it is when we experience these deep hurts that life has only just begun. If we allow these circumstances to strengthen us, we can experience a new and better life—a life that witnesses to the goodness and love of God through struggle.

Let us not forget that our lives are not about us. They are about the God who gave us life. The boyfriend, the girlfriend, the spouse, the children, the parents, the house, the money, and the other materialistic stuff did not give us life—we were given life as a gift from God. Since life is short, let us not put limits on what we do with our life. To make the most of life, we have to make an investment in it, whether it is money, time, work, love, or endurance. We have to put something into it, to get something out of it.

Regardless of how short life is, we can leave this life knowing that we made the most out of it. When we go through this life with our faith and hope in God, no matter how short it is here on earth, we are guaranteed to live eternally in heaven. Let us give our lives to Christ, so that he can get the most out of it, because life is too short.