Word of Life celebrates 25 years of service
The Quiet church on the hill—not so quiet

Dr. Alexander Arthur Ph.D. and Dr. Clarissa Arthur M.D.

Dr. Alexander Arthur Ph.D. and Dr. Clarissa Arthur M.D.

The members of Word of Life Christian Center International will celebrate 25 years of service on August 29-31, under the leadership of Alexander Arthur, Ph.D., senior pastor/founder and Clarissa Arthur, M.D.

Friday, August 29 will kick-off the celebratory weekend with a free gospel concert featuring W.O.L. praise team, Sounds of Life, other local artists and Ben Tankard, noted the ‘Godfather of Gospel Jazz.’

The weekend will continue of Saturday, August 30, with a banquet at the Music City Sheraton at 7 pm.

The events will culminate on Sunday with the annual worship service at 11 am, with a groundbreaking ceremony for the new sanctuary at 3 pm.

On September 23, 1985 Pastor Arthur had a ‘Paul’s Damascus Road experience’ on Kings Lane at 3:15 pm as he was instructed to begin a Monday night Bible study on the first Monday of January 1987. Several events took place (under the direction of God). A newsletter in 1989 and then a visit to Kenneth Hagin Crusade in Jackson, Mississippi that launched the Word of Life Christian Center on August 27 in his home at 4521 Eatons Creek Road, upon Arthur’s return.

For 25 years the Word of Life Christian Center (W.O.L.) has been quietly nestled at the top of the hill at 4100 Clarksville Highway. While ‘quiet’ is used to describe the location of the church, W.O.L. has several ministries that are not so quiet.

As a son in the ministry to Dr. Creflo Dollar, World Changers Ministries in Atlanta, Georgia, and an ambassador of Dollar’s ministerial association for Tennessee, W.O.L. follows in the ministry of Dr. Creflo Dollar.

“Over the years we have had the honor of extending the service of ministry to three continents as sons in the ministry,” said Arthur.

Rev. Arthur launched Alexander Arthur Ministries, the outreach arm of World of Life Christian Center, in 2001. Crusades were held in Tennessee, including: Dickson, Springfield, and Pulaski. Internationally they were held in Captetown, East London, Pretoria/ Johannesburg, and Durban, South Africa, Ndola and Lusaka, Sambia and Trelawny, and Jamaica. There were travels with Rev. Clarissa Arthur to Lagos, Abuja, Warri, Nigeria; Accra, Ghana; Abidjan, Ivory Coast; Paris, France; and the French West Indies.

A little closer to home, W.O.L. offers several ministries on location at the church such as, CIA (Compassion in Action), a service for women in mission shelters. The women are picked up and fed a hot meal, given clothes, hygiene supplies, cosmetic and preparation for finding a job. FBI (Fathers and Brothers in Action) are agents of good measure for men and women as they assist in all areas.

Summer Camp is provided for children from the shelters as a means to occupy them for the summer, educating,

entertaining and taking their minds off their situation by offering activities at the church. The church works with Metro Action for food that is served to the kids. The Frist Center assists in free admission, allowing the children exposure to the arts. They are also taken to such places as the Cumberland Science Museum, the Nashville Zoo and swimming at the Northwest YMCA. Thus, they receive mentoring, training and discipline from the summer activity caretakers. For more information on the activities or tickets to banquet call the church at 615-876-3086.

Word of Life breaks ground on August 31st

The Word of Life Christian Center International is located on the top of the hill at 4100 Clarksville Highway. A groundbreaking ceremony will be held at the culmination of the ‘25 Years of Service’ anniversary celebration on August 31 at 3 pm.

As one drives down Clarksville Highway, a digital neon sign can easily be seen from the street giving notice to birthdays, special occasions at the church, and scriptures. However, it is more than a welcome sign for the Word of Life (WOL).

“We want this community to feel the growth, so we trust God for the things that the church needs in order to offer more for the north Nashville community,” said Dr. Alexander Arthur, founder/pastor of W.O.L. “After 25 years we are looking forward to God’s promise of spreading the word of God to more people in a state of the art worship center.
Word of Life has become an outreach location for the homeless, a campus ministry and much more.

“By building a new church we hope to serve and speed God’s word to more people. Word of Life constantly strives to teach the principles faith and how the love of God can help to conquer any obstacle. By sharing the truth of God, we believe we will make a mark that cannot be erased for the word of God changes lives.”

In 2010 a mortgage burning ceremony was held in celebration of paying the debt for 20 acres of land purchased to build the Word of Life ‘Word Dome’ where they moved in January 1, 2000. During this ceremony, a sketched rendition of a new edifice was revealed as the church continued to believe in what God wants for the ministry.

“We thank God for a debt-free ministry,” said Arthur.

Fast forward to 2014, a groundbreaking ceremony will be held for the new edifice introduced in 2010.
“We are becoming land owners,” said Arthur as they have recently obtained an additional three acres across the street that was also an answered prayer from the time of their current residency.

Word of Life already operates several community ministries. In addition, they are in the process of obtaining license to launch Life Academy Bible College, a four-year Christian college with assistant academy dean, Dr. Bess White.

W.O.L. looks forward to building a senior citizens home on the land purchased across the street.

The vision of the Word of Life Christian Center International is as follows:
“As we proclaim Jesus the Christ through teaching the word of God and imparting understanding, people’s lives will be changed to take on the character of Christ; to be full of the sword of God while living in the power of the Holy Spirit and enabling us as co-laborers with God to remove burdens and destroy yokes in the lives of others; thereby making a mark that cannot be erased. The Word of Life changes lives!”

For more information call 615-876-3086.