Photo of Robin Harris Kimbrough

Dr. Robin Harris Kimbrough

One thing about life, regardless of who we are, what we have or how long we have been alive is that we will have problems. Everyone faces issues and challenges in this life. Some problems are more difficult than others. Some we bring on ourselves, while others are the result of someone else’s actions. Jesus teaches us that whatever our problem, burden or heavy load, he will take care of it. He invites us all to give him our problems: “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

If this is the case, why do we hang onto so many of these problems and burdens? Why is it that we cling to hard decisions and bad situations that create problems for us? One of the reasons we are hesitant about giving our problems to the Lord is because in our minds, we fell we can handle them all by ourselves. This is one of the biggest lies the devil tells us—that we do not need Jesus. We need the Lord to help us and to handle our situations. We are limited in what we can do and what we can handle.

The songwriter reminded us that God will not put more on us than we can bear, but the truth is we often put more on ourselves than we can bear. We need to trust Jesus with all of our problems. Whether they are big or small, good or bad, he can help us to bear this heavy load and enable us to solve our problems. Jesus cares about each and everyone of us. He is a problem solver. There are actually people who do not turn their burdens over to the Lord because they think that Jesus creates more problems. We think that Jesus is going to cause more confusion than clarity. The truth is that Jesus is not the author of confusion.

Jesus does not complicate our situations, but he may makes our flesh feel uncomfortable. We know that at times we feel that stepping out on faith and trusting in the Lord is problematic, because we must submit to his will. When we are willing to exercise our faith, we will find that Jesus actually solved the problem rather than making it worse. I know I have some witnesses who have given their problems to the wrong person. We have given our problems with loneliness to the wrong person. We have given our marriage problems to the wrong person. We have given the problems with our children to the wrong person.

We have given our problems to someone who has no clue how to handle them—because they, too, have their own problems. This is why we must turn our situations over to the Lord, and the Lord will reveal to us the right person, the right way, and the right time to deal with all of our problems.

The song entitled ‘Problems’ by Ariana Grande describes a woman’s realization that the relationship she tried desperately to hold onto was actually causing her more harm than good. Before coming to this conclusion, she had feared that getting rid of the relationship would cause her more problems. When she broke off the relationship, she surmised that she had 99 problems. Now, the guy whom she once loved is not one of them. A lot of us have this problem. We think that letting go of a situation that is complicating our lives means more problems, but it actually means less problems. As we go through this life, let us give our problems to Jesus.