The Untouchables score again

There are few pre-Fourth of July celebrations that can rival that put on and sponsored by Nashville’s own Untouchables. This year was no exception. The members of this social fraternal organization have been hosting this event since 1958. The members as usual, worked diligently to make all guests feel comfortable. Onlookers were treated to hamburgers hotdogs and fish sandwiches that were to die for. One of the highlights is watching the hogs being barbequed for the next day for members and close friends to partake of. This year’s weather was perfect, helping to bring about a large attendance.

One could say the celebration is similar to a family reunion where members of the community reconnect, because it brings people together who may not have seen one another all year. However, what makes it so pleasurable is the friendliness and extra effort by the Untouchables to make sure everyone is comfortable and satisfied. Their motto might be: ‘We Aim to Please’ because all the members were unified in making sure everything went well.

The Untouchables continue to be an affable clan, providing food, music, dance, good company and complimentary service—creating a recipe for a good time. These are accommodating experiences the Untouchables have been providing Nashvillian for 56 years. This traditional event brings together politicians, educators, professionals in all areas and common hardworking fun-loving supporters of the Untouchables. It’s a family affair, with many adult participants opting to bring their children.

The Untouchables came about when five innovative founders, including: William Abernathy, Horace Bean, Josha Grider, Napoleon Martin and Harvey Sims had a vision to start a social/fraternal organization. Their goal was to honor and celebrate the Fourth of July by having a fish fry on July 3 and a picnic on the fourth. At the time, the biggest objective was to get families together, while avoiding travel on busy highways.

To say the least, the celebration has ballooned into an affair attracting families, visitors and friends from all parts of the country. Originally, it was hosted at members’ homes, but is best known for being hosted at deceased member, Teddy Acklen, Sr.’s home (compound) on Young’s Lane. Younger participants may remember the event taking place at Parkwood Community Park or Spring Time Golf Driving Range on West Hamilton. This year marks the second year bringing it back to Teddy Acklen, Sr.’s home.
The pre-Fourth July Fish Fry is only one of many events the Untouchables offer to the community. Since its conception, the Untouchables have been committed to community service and investing in the future of today’s youth. Some of their major activities consist of sponsoring a little league baseball team; a Valentine’s dance; and a pre-homecoming dance honoring former TSU’s athletes. They are legendary in sponsoring ‘aim to please’ bus trips out of town, supporting TSU‘s football games. Future plans are being made to sponsor academic scholarships, a golf tournament, and provide food and gifts for disadvantaged families during Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Untouchables assisted with feeding flood victims affected by 2010 May storm in Nashville.

Throughout the club’s history, four presidents (Nap Martin, Josh Grider, Harvey Sims and Frank Pillow) have been pivotal in leading the organization to become one of the top social organizations in the Nashville community. Frank Pillow is the current president. Thanks again for being such a ‘class act.’ You serve the community well.