Won’t he do it?

Dr. Robin H. Kimbrough

Dr. Robin H. Kimbrough

Recently someone posted on Facebook an image of them running up and down their hallway, shouting, “Won’t he do it?” We all know to whom the person was referring—God. He will do it. The question, however, is rhetorical in nature, meaning that we already know the answer. No response is really required. We all know that God can and God will do it. One of the many struggles that we have as Christians is doubt. Christians doubt. This struggle with doubt, if we cooperate with it, can make us think that God can’t and won’t do anything for us in our lives. The truth is regardless of the situation, we need to have a “won’t he do it attitude.” Regardless of the test or situation, God can do and will do what no other Holy Ghost power can do.

In Hebrews 11:1, we hear these familiar words: “faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.” This verse reminds us that our circumstances do not define what God can do or what God will do in our lives. Circumstances make us doubt. Circumstances make us stop believing. Circumstances put an end to our hope. When things start to look bad or seem impossible, we stop dreaming and we stop pursuing the promises God has made to us. There are some witnesses out there who can testify: “won’t he do it.”

A long time ago, I was at an auction to buy a computer. My prayer was that I would purchase a computer with the software already on the computer for $500. As I went through the auction, and people were buying, I thought to myself, “it looks like $675 is the best that I can do.” But God did not let me get away from this situation without revealing something to me. I saw a woman packing up her computer, and I asked her how much it cost. She responded, letting me know she paid $500 with all the software on it. Won’t he do it? The woman had my computer! Had I waited, I would have been able to have seen my goal realized, but I doubted it would happen based on what I was seeing.

We need God’s grace, because God will do it. The evidence of things not seen is our willingness to wait on him, to persevere, and to keep believing regardless of how it looks. Faith is the declaration that regardless of what is happening—he will do it. Let us not lose out on what God has for us to someone else. Let us keep believing, trusting, and never doubting God’s word, the vision and goals he has put on our hearts regardless of what they are.

Losing out on a computer is nothing compared to missing out on our divine destiny. The reason that he will do it is not because of any of us, but because he will get the glory. God can do it in the midst of doubt. He can do it in the midst of negativity. He can do it when the odds say that it cannot be done. He can do it when the experts have done everything. He can do it because he is God. There are some witnesses out there who (like the woman running up and down the hallway shouting) can declare emphatically—“He will do it!”