Local NAACP 2014 election

This is a public notice to all members of the Nashville Branch NAACP #5606. The Election Nominating Committee will present its slate of recommended candidates for the upcoming 2015-16 term at the General Membership meeting on October 23 in preparation for the November election. Members who are interested in receiving the recommendation of the Election Nominating Committee to serve as an elected officer (namely, president, three vice presidents, secretary, assistant secretary, treasurer, or assistant treasurer) or At-Large Executive Committee member should complete the following steps:

1) Obtain the NAACP ‘candidates consent form’ from the Nashville Branch (1308 Jefferson Street, Nashville, Tenn. 37208). The consent form, and other Branch Election resources, can also be obtained online at www.NAACP5606.weebly.com.

2) Carefully review and complete all areas of the NAACP candidates consent form, including the NAACP ‘petition for nomination.’

Those with an incomplete consent form will not be interviewed by the Committee until such time as each portion is made complete prior to the interview.

3) You may mail or deliver your completed form in a sealed envelop to the attention of the Nominating Committee, Nashville Branch NAACP, 1308 Jefferson Street, Nashville, Tenn. 37208.

4) Schedule an interview with the Nominating Committee by calling Nominating Committee Secretary Mary Rivers at 615-797-8099. Interviews will be held, in person, on Tuesday, October 14 (4-7pm); Thursday, October 16 (4-7pm); Saturday, October 18 (10 am-2 pm); and Sunday, October 19 (3-5pm).

The deadline for submitting your NAACP ‘candidates consent form’ to the Nominating Committee has been extended through the interview times on Sunday, October 19.

Self-nominations – October meeting. Individuals who are not selected by the Nominating Committee have the opportunity to be nominated from the floor at the October 23 General Membership meeting. To do so, each person nominated must present, at the October meeting, a signed NAACP ‘candidates consent form’ including the properly executed lower half of the form labeled ‘NAACP Petition for Nomination.’ The Branch Secretary will validate the eligibility of both the candidate and the nominating signatures prior to adding to the November ballot.

Branch election. On Thursday, November 20, the Branch’s Election of Officers and At-Large Executive Committee members will take place at the NAACP Branch Office. The Poll will be open from 7 am to 7 pm.

Eligibility to vote. Voting in the 2014 Nashville Branch NAACP election is open to Life members, Subscribing Life members or Regular members whose dues are current by Tuesday, October 21 (which is 30 days prior to the November election). [NAACP Bylaws Article VI, Section 2.b]. Please contact Nominating Committee Chair Harriet C. Callier at 615-797-8099; or by e-mail at hcallier@gracefalls.orgwith requests for additional information. Thank you for your continued support of the Nashville Branch NAACP.