Nashville’s Sterling Wright appears on Fox TV’s Hell’s Kitchen

Chef Sterling Wright

Chef Sterling Wright

A ‘viewing party’ for Hell’s Kitchen will be held every Wednesday at 7 pm at the Slider House, 1907 Division Street, Nashville, while Chef Sterling Wright remains on the show.

Wright is the first contestant on the show to represent Nashville. He grew up in the J.C. Napier Homes, a housing project in South Nashville. While attending McGavock High School, a teacher introduced him to cooking. Through her class, he realized that cooking was his passion. He spent the next 20 years working in various Nashville restaurants. He currently works as a grill cook at The Slider House. He views the competition not only as a challenge, but also as an opportunity to inspire children in the community where he was raised. When not cooking, Wright can be found counseling young people in the housing complex.

Called the ‘chef with a smile’ by those who know him, Wright embraced the challenge of the show and did not let the famous hot-tempered outbursts of Chef Gordon Ramsay get to him.

Throughout the show, contestants battle to please the chef, and cook the best dishes to stay in the competition.
Wright hopes through the competition, he’ll be able to inspire others to be positive—especially the young people who live in the community where he grew up.

Hell’s Kitchen comes on Fox network WZTV Fox 17; channel 6 on Comcast; channel 13 on Charter; or channel 17 on DirecTV and Dish Network.

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