Things can only get better

Dr. Robin H. Kimbrough

Dr. Robin H. Kimbrough

There are times in our lives that we go through some difficult suffering when we think to ourselves that things could not get any worse. The story of Job teaches us that things in our lives can get really bad, almost intolerable. But God is with us and helps us to make it through, because the situation at some point can only get better.

We all remember the opening chapters of Job in which God has put Job up as an example of someone who could endure suffering and keep faith in God. Then in those middle chapters, we witness a suffering Job—a person who has lost wealth, endured the death of multiple children, and had to live with leaky boils all over his body. As Job went through this suffering, he probably wondered if things could get any worse.

All of us in this life will go through some type of suffering. We will question our suffering, but whatever we go through we need to know that God is with us. God will not let it last.

Suffering is seasonal. It has a starting time and an ending time. The struggle that comes along with suffering can make anyone think that it will never end, wanting to give up. It’s not easy to suffer with physical or emotional pain. It’s not easy facing the loss of loved ones. It’s not easy to suffer with depression, discouragement, or disconsolation. The good news is that, after awhile, it will get better. We have to be willing to go through to get through. Job’s suffering helps us with the getting through. No matter how tough it gets, we have to continue to trust in God and put our suffering in God’s hands. God will help us. We have to believe that no matter what, we can and we will make it regardless of us our circumstances. We have to face the truth. Suffering is a part of life, and that’s why we need God, his love, and his wonderful grace revealed in Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately, many people will not see that things will get better on the other side. They give up, throw in the tile, and run away without seeing what the end will be. Job is proof that things can only get better. When we are rock bottom, God is waiting to make things better. God, if we let him, can improve our situations, even when they are at their worst. This is why we must finish the race, so that we can see the blessing and the ‘better’ on the other side.

In those moments, when it seems like everything that could have gone wrong went wrong, remember that as long as there is God there is always hope. Although at times Job questioned his existence and his relationship with God, he stuck with God and endured his condition. At the end of the story, God blessed him with more than he had. As we suffer, going through, let us be encouraged and know that things can only get better.