Basic Computer Concepts class for seniors held in Nov.

William Young has fun with his classes.  The ambience of each class is to have fun while learning.

William Young has fun with his classes. The ambience of each class is to have fun while learning.

Do you know what to do when JAVA comes up when you turn your computer on?

The computer user might say, “Should I accept those updates or just ‘x’ them?”

Get the answer to these questions and many others when you take the Basic Computer Concepts class at Tea Cups & Jewels beginning in November 2014.

Tea Cups & Jewels is sponsoring a partnership with William Jr. Computer Consultants in order to assist seniors in their use of the computer. Whether it may seem intimidating to some, a challenge to others—or if you just want to better navigate your electronic skills, this class is for you.

The Basic Computer Concepts class if for seniors 50+ years old. In this class the students must have the time, commitment and a desire for the knowledge. Students should also know that the classroom ambience is all about fun!

“While we are learning, we understand that the computer is our servant, ‘I am the boss of the computer,’” said Young. He quickly lets his class know, “We are here to have fun doing stuff.”

An orientation was held November 6 at Tea Cups & Jewels, 3803 N. Hydes Ferry Road.
The classes begin the following week.

Classes are scheduled to be held on Wednesday and Friday from 1:30-3:30 pm each week. (No classes held on November 25 and 28 and December 24-January 6).

All students of the Basic Computer Concepts class will learn the following:

Getting to know computers
• Understanding operating systems
• Understanding Applic-ations
• Web apps and the cloud

All about the desktop computer
• Basic pars of a desktop computer (Windows/Micro-soft)
• Buttons, sockets and spots on a desktop computer

Inside the desktop computer
• Laptop computers and mobile devices
• Laptop computers and netbooks

Getting started
• setting up a computer
• beginning use of your computer
• getting to know the OS
• connecting to the internet

Doing more with computers
• Computer safety and maintenance
• Basic Troubleshooting Techniques

Introduction to the Internet
• What is the Internet
• How is the Internet used?
• Connecting to the Internet
• Browser basics
• Search engines and strategies
• Internet Safety
• Introduction to internet safety

Passwords: The first step to safety
• Protecting your computer from Internet thetas
• e-mail tips for scams and spam
• staying safe while growing
• Protecting your financial transactions
• smart social networking and communication tips
• Cyber harassment, stalking an addiction
• wireless and mobile device safety

E-mail 101
• Introduction to mail
• e-mail basics
• contacts and calendars
• e-mail étiquette and safety

The Basic Concepts Computer classes will be held at Tea Cups & Jewels, 3803 N. Hydes Ferry Road, Nashville.
For information about Tea Cups & Jewels, call 615-498-6371.

For more information about Basic Computer Concept classes and William Jr. Computer Consultants, call 615-545-8244.