The face of sexual abuse and domestic violence

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Once again the media has found a way to demean and denigrate men of color. Sexual abuse and domestic violence is nothing new, especially here in America. We can attribute the mixing of the blood of most Americans of color to the White man’s sexual appetite for the Black woman. This was an action forced upon Black women upon their arrival in America up until the Civil Rights Movement—and in some cases is still taking place. Black men were forced to accept the sexual and physical violation of their wives, daughters, mothers, aunts and other female relatives, forced to serve the sexual needs of their oppressors. Interference or blatant opposition warranted a death sentence.

While sexual abuse is unacceptable under any conditions, why is the White man for all practical reasons being given a ‘get out of jail free’ pass? If you are going to tell the truth let’s tell the whole truth. White men have been the main culprit in manifesting domestic violence in their homes and inflicting sexual abuse on others for centuries, but the media which is controlled mainly by Whites has for the most part barely touched on the issue until recently. It is only natural to question the attention on a subject that should have been tackled and dealt with realistically years ago.

Some people are questioning why is the Black man being targeted when historically White men have had carte blanche in their illicit sexual encounters of force and intimidation. For all practical purposes, ‘mum has been the word’ and social and economic suicide to the victim willing to publically accuse the violators. In fact, sexual abuse in the corporate sector of America is unprecedented. But many of the CEOs, supervisors, or group leaders have walked away or have clandestinely settled out of court with their names still intact.

Men perpetrate most sexual abuse cases, but this does not by any means exclude women. Power does not discriminate. Some people regardless of gender feel they are above the law and use their authority to intimidate and abuse their insubordinates. Now the question on many people’s mind is why is the issue of sexual abuse and domestic violence finally being addressed and why is the Black man being used as the ‘face’ of these afflictions? Are they the only known violators or contributors?

Some will be quick to acknowledge the notoriety of Blacks in the sports arena as fair game. These are athletes, whether in college with future economic potential or professionals with millionaire status. The mere fact that these Black men have a higher earning potential elevates them to a level of scrutiny.

That may be acceptable, but let’s be consistent. All sports entities whether Black or White in the public eye should be expected to be role models, exemplifying commendable behaviors—especially with so many young adults looking at them as role models. Sexual abuse and domestic violence is nothing new. Why has it been given the face of Black men?

An added caution to men of color: Men in sports whether high school, college, or professional, should watch out for individual women and groupies, mainly White woman, looking to trap you sexually and capitalize on you financially. With so many Blacks inundating the sports arena, racialism is taking a back seat for young women opting for a piece of the financial prize. That means that if they can’t have you as a girlfriend or wife, they can always charge that you have sexually assaulted them. Black men, especially athletes, exercise caution in your private affairs. Whether you are aware or not, you are being targeted.