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William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

While many people are upset with the results of the recent midterm elections, it can’t be much of a surprise if you have been keeping up with the toxic venom generated toward the president by many Republicans. I can only think many Repub-licans are manifesting what most people of color can no longer deny—the hatred many Whites have for President Obama for no other reason than that he is Black. Oh yes, I did say a president of color whom many diehard Republicans vowed since his inauguration to discredit any project or bill he initiated or supported.

Right or wrong, many would argue that the Republicans as a whole are unwilling to put their differences aside and work with the Democrats to do what is in the best interests of the country.

Too much of the Republican Party’s energy has been focused on discrediting the president’s initiatives. It seems their main objective is focused on working against the president. Surely, whether you personally dislike the president or his policies—all his objectives can’t be so bad that there is no compromising. There are people who may disagree with some of his policies, but they are willing to support him and give him the respect other presidents preceding him have garnered. While the results are definitive, many find it easier to accept, knowing that this victory can be attributed to default—because only one-third of all certified voters chose to vote.

I can only hope this sweeping victory by the Republicans is a wakeup call for those standing on the wall. Others like myself are going forward, not to focus on what is already known, but to find what positive lesson can be learned from this revelation to catapult the nation into a positive position.
Maybe unknown to some, the repercussions of this Republican sweep will have some dire results. Whether you soar or fall on your feet with the Repub-licans controlling both Houses of Congress will depend on your social and financial situation. The one percent controlling the wealth of this country will have a field day. Some of their accrued wealth will be shared by those who have worked in their behalf.

I must acknowledge the Republican Party for their ability to harness some Black support in their recruiting endeavors, especially with three African American Republicans historically being voted to Congress. African Amer-icans have generally supported the Democratic Party because of the party’s stand on policies and laws extending the playing field to all, especially people of color. It is somewhat interesting to see the Repub-licans Party no longer taking the African American vote for granted. They’re finding ways by hook or crook to present their party as one of diversity.

Many Africans Amer-icans see the Republican tactics to pursue Black voters as a divisive tool to separate or dilute the Black vote as a whole. The truth is that most African Americans see Black Republican as sellouts, promoting self-interest and thinking they are above and better than people who look like them. This election as brought about an awareness that has caused the drowsy or asleep to awaken and commit to becoming involved. There is a reason and purpose for everything, and I think this latest revelation will galvanize those once asleep to watch the foxes guarding the henhouse.

Unfortunately, so many of those who worked so assiduously to promote a Republican agenda will be the recipients of the impending aftermath to follow. I wonder who will be the Republican’s whipping dog now that the Republican Party will be controlling both houses of Congress and they can’t blame the president for all the problems of the world?

Ironically, regardless of the Republicans profound dislike for our President, history in time will eventually honor President Barack Obama as one of the most successful presidents of all times.