Personal Interest in Changing Character Youth Empowerment Conference held

 Sponsor Darryl Howard

Sponsor Darryl Howard

The weekend of November 14-15 was a celebration of music and messages of education, inspiration and motivation at the Personal Interest in Changing Character Youth Empowerment Conference held at Community Christian Church.

The opening night was highlighted by four-year-old Bryson West, Jr., a heartfelt prayer by nine-year-old Christian Hip Hop dancer, Ava Bryant, followed by her 14-year-old sister, classical pianist, Lea Bryant who played with elegance.

Youth Minister and ‘mime extraordinaire’ Talisha Robertson, 20, gave a powerful testimony about overcoming molestation and then shared a word that spoke to the struggles of our youth today, followed by an amazing performance.

The program continued with Dale Bryant sharing a dynamic message that included a visual presentation addressing sowing proper seeds and nurturing our children to be the best they can be—instead of allowing society, music videos, television programs, or peer pressures to raise our children.

Rev. Lew Phillips gave the evening message that continued with the theme ‘Sowing Seeds.’

The evening was closed out with gospel Hip Hop artist Zero Doubt, who shared enlightening words in his uplifting performance.

On day two, the Youth Empowerment Conference was dedicated to education. It began with spoken word artist Jae Anderson, who performed a piece entitled, ‘I Thought of You Today’ dealing with the essence of pain and struggle of young women coping with domestic abuse and low self-esteem. The message also conveyed how we must plant seeds of self worth, honor, and respect to “encourage and uplift our young women.”

Poet Lemuel Robertson, 15, shared two dynamic pieces, ‘Breaking Chains’ and ‘Black History.’ Each spoke a relevant message that addressed the struggles of youth and honored Black ancestors. Musical prodigy, Monquisha Howse, 16, “brought down the house with her voice that soared and flowed and could best be described as angelic,” said an audience member.

Minister Alex ‘Samson’ Perry gave a message entitled ‘Sowing Seeds.’

“Plant proper seeds in the right season,” said Min. Perry, “with proper nurturing so they may be fruitful.”

Minister Bryson West closed out the conference, emptying himself of all that had been poured into his spirit with a message entitled, ‘God Gives Raw Material.’

“God gives us everything we need,” said West, “and many of our trials and tribulations may have been sown in past generations. But when we continue to work with those raw materials, God can redirect the remnants of our seeds into true and noble purpose.”

The event was sponsored by Darryl Howard who encouraged the community to continue to donate and support.

“The world continues to struggle,” said Howard, “and the population of those who are incarcerated increases and people in the urban areas struggle. There is a dire need for mentors, community services and programs deigned and dedicated to support individuals and families.”

Personal Interest In Changing Character is dedicated to that change. For Additional Information on the group or to donate, contact Darryl Howard at 615-568-1150.