“The Dynamic Dixie Travelers…The Legend Continues”

Dixie Travelers

Dixie Travelers

The Dixie Travelers, also referred to as The Dynamic Dixie Travelers is a legendary gospel quartet that has a legacy of gospel music that keeps them singing.
Their newly released CD tells the story as it is named: Dixie Travelers The Legend Continues…We Can’t Stop Now.

Since 1957, the Dixie Travelers have been making gospel music with a flavored variety.

“The Dynamic Dixie Travelers has yet again shifted gears by blending traditional and contemporary styles,” as stated in the release by Castle Records. This recording is gospel music with a modern edge, lyrically and musically.

Since the inception of the Dixie Travelers, most of the original ‘Dixies’ are deceased or have departed the group. There have also been additions to the group. Under the direction of Eddie Ray Russell, the sound remains true to “the legend that lives on.”

The Dixie Travelers was formed in 1957 by Harry Holt and Morris Pollard. The group has always captured the attention of those looking for ‘good old gospel toe tapping music’ with a bit of a twist.

During the earlier years, the Dixies were known for their traditional style of gospel quartet music. Since signing with Nashville’s T-Jaye Records in 1981, the group has managed to update their style while maintaining the warmth and harmony that has always been the Dixie Traveler’s trademark. Ted Jarrett and T-Jaye Records remain the producers of the Dynamic Dixie Travelers music projects as they create music that would “foremost bless you and be able to touch people’s lives so that we are uplifting the name of Jesus to the world through the music in our songs,” said Holt.

The thanks and gratitude for their gift in music was greatly reflected in a previous release that featured more of a praise song style: The Best Of The Dynamic Dixie Travelers: Live In Concert.

The new release, Dixie Travelers The Legend Continues…We Can’t Stop Now, has a little bit for everyone, including a little country style.

‘Devil in the Street’ and ‘Laid His Hands on Me,’ are currently given the most airtime for the message and the music.

Arrangements for the CD were done by Eddie Ray, Kenny Jackson and Phillip Jackson. The members of the Dynamic Dixie Travelers include: Vernon Holt, Phillip Jackson, Kenny Jackson, Joseph Frierson, Alton Gibson, Edward McClain, Slayden Evans, Monterey Lee and Tommy Grimes.

Dixie Travelers Hour can be heard on Mondays on 760AM from 12 pm with host, Tommy Grimes.

For more information, contact <dixietravelers@gmail.com>.