Wealth and apathy

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

It is natural to want to better yourself and strive for a better life. However, when some people reach a level of financial independence, it seems they become indifferent and apathetic to others having less than themselves. It is ironic that often these are the same people who rallied at one time or point for those less fortunate and fought to improve the plight of all people. Too often you have such a ‘product’ that has become drunk with the benefits of privilege associated with material accumulation—making them numb or oblivious to the suffering and hurting of those they may at one time have been able to identify with. We are talking about those snubbing and belittling those who have less, categorizing them as lazy and not goal oriented.

There are those proclaiming that if they were able to reach a celebrated level of success that everyone should be able. Better yet, you have those born to privilege and entitlement totally insensitive to the hardships of those suffering from economical disadvantages. It seems that many people of wealth have an affinity for each other and aspire to keep the wealth among themselves. All too often the practiced philosophy or modus operandi becomes ‘them versus us,’ or the ‘haves vs. the have-nots.’ It is often this division in financial mindsets in our society that dictate our political, social, and economic agenda. Contrary to what many want to believe, man’s primary mandate seems to be, money and more money—whatever the cost.

Thank God there are a handful of people who still want to believe it is all about equality, truth, righteousness and humanity. They seek to help the down trodden and advocate for equalizing the playing field economically for all people. However, it appears to be a constant uphill battle where greed and self-aggrandizement are taking no prisoners. You have elected officials born of wealth or those who have acquired wealth through their positions—impervious to the need of those they were elected to represent.

We should be admonishing those who have good paying jobs, excellent affordable health care, quality education facilities for their children, and commendable safe neighborhoods to raise their children—but who are blatantly opposed to helping others secure those amenities. Posing under loyalty to different political party affiliations, or just plain apathy, people are suffering because of indifference to those with less. If you have been provided with added blessings through opportunities (or just happen stance), you have an obligation and responsibility to help improve the lot of others instead of ignoring them or putting them down verbally. This may mean going against political party lines and doing what you inherently know is right. All too often, party allegiance has created gridlock—keeping much needed progress that could help those really in need.

However I’m not so naïve not to believe that there will always exist people who only feel good about themselves by putting others down. But as a dreamer, I believe there are enough spiritually led people who are willing to come together and work in the best interests of all people.

Those who may have been blessed with an upper hand should be mindful that there is no guarantee that it can’t be taken away. I guess the phrase ‘We are our brother’s keeper’ is just a good sounding cliché, but meaningless when those drunk from apathy are asked to put it into action.