Corinthian hosts a day for black businesses

During the month of November, Minority Enterprise Development Week (MED Week) held several events throughout the city. On November 30, Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church hosted their annual ‘Family and Friends Day Observance.’ However, this worship service was dedicated to recognizing Black businesses for Minority Business Recognition Sunday.

The normal worship service was held with an effort to bind a special connection to worship, service and connections, as stated by the Nashville Minority Enterprise Development Week Conference whose theme was, ‘Connecting Business with Opportunity.’

Rev. Enoch Fuzz, pastor of Corinthian, presented the Minority Business Recognition with ‘A Living Sermon,’. Songs were sung that exemplified the order of the day, e.g.: ‘Give us this day; you said you would. To find someone who has lost and help them find their way—so they can be free like me.” Thus, the congregation was urged to support Black businesses.

“Jesus turned over the tables of the business owners that were cheating people on the grounds of the temple,” said Rev. Fuzz. Stating that his Father’s house is a house of prayer, he concluded the need to hold a day for Black business in the community was important because “we use each other’s services.”

There were 25 businesses recognized at Corinthian during Minority Business Recognition Sunday. Numbers are provided so that people will make a conscious effort to support by calling to not only locate, but to find out if there is a service that may be needed or referred to someone else. While these are not the only Black businesses, it is a start to begin to offer support to all Black businesses.

The following businesses were recognized:
Smokin’ Joe’s Food products, Joe Bond, 615-715-2983
Seafood Sensations, Darren Morgan and Jamal Britton, 615-678-1069
Brother’s Lawn Care & Janitorial, Nathan Taylor, 615-554-2330
Alkebu-Lan Images Bookstore, Yusef Harris, 615-321-4111
Outlaw Lawn Service, Connell Outlaw, 615-476-5016
Curtis PrintAll, Curtis Heath, 615-876-0088
Bellevue Plumbing, Weylin Costa, 615-403-3470
U-Locks, LLC, Aroll Jones, 615-800-6810
Pride Publishing Group, Meekahl Davis, 615-292-9150
Darlene’s Daycare, Darlene Boyd, 615-242-6047
Ralphton Music Enterprise, Ralph Lofton, 615-294-7132
Avon by Betty Lane, 615-589-8287
Mary Kay by Elois Outlaw, 615-476-7919
Flagg’s Barber Shop, Benjamin Flagg, 615-367-0528
R.H. Boyd Publishing Corporation, Dr. T.B. Boyd III, 615-350-8000
Alexander and Associations, Inc., Debra Alexander-Fisher, 615-644-1965
Davis Heating and Air, George Davis, 615-573-2406
Sunago Supply Corporation, David Tucker, 615-866-2930
R&M Contractors, Inc., Micheal Crutchfield, Citizen’s Bank, 615-327-9787
Priority Hospice, Carol Ann Jenkins, 615-596-2323
Beard Property Maintenance, Inc., Dwight Beard, 615-331-6289
Connect It Media Marketing Resource, Wanda Clay, 615-569-8380
Tea Cups & Jewels, Geraldine Heath, 615-498-6371
William Jr. Computer Consultants, William Young, 615-545-8244
MED Week is sponsored by the Minority Business Development Center (MBDC).

Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church is located at 819 33rd Avenue North under the leadership of the Rev. Enoch Fuzz, pastor.