Meharry hosts Cadaver Ball for first year students
Dr. Corey Hebert inspires students to “be an agent of change”

Third year Meharry students enjoy dinner, the program and dancing. (Photo by Wanda Clay)

Third year Meharry students enjoy dinner, the program and dancing. (Photo by Wanda Clay)

‘All dressed up and no place to go?’ Meharry Medical College students were all dressed up to attend the Annual Cadaver Ball on Jan. 31.

Each year the third year students of Meharry Medical College host a ball for the first year students, giving them the opportunity to replace their day-to-day scrubs with a beautiful evening gown or a handsome suit or tuxedo—replace the pencil in their hair with the beautiful bling of an ‘updo’ and the books under their arms with a lovely clutch purse.

“We love this opportunity to get all dressed up,” said one student.

 Dr. Corey Hebert, MD (Photo by Wanda Clay)

Dr. Corey Hebert, MD (Photo by Wanda Clay)

Cadaver balls are held at medical schools to celebrate first year students’ completion of Gross Anatomy. At Meharry an additional celebration was held in honor of Devail Martell Wyatt from Detroit, Michigan. Davail’s dream was to one day become a physician. Unfortunately in June of 2000, he was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal carcinoma. He was a young inspiring physician and minister who endured 16 painful surgeries and underwent rigorous cancer treatments.

He was filled with love, optimism, faith and courage that inspired and touched individuals around the country. It was his strength that sustained his family and friends when he passed away on December 26, 2003.

“We remember Devail as we reflect on the Meharry motto, ‘worship of God through service to mankind,’ because Devail embodied these words every day,” said a Meharry student. Because his dream was to continue helping people throughout his life, a scholarship is dedicated in his honor to three students who exemplify Devail’s spirit—The Devail Martell Wyatt Scholarship Fund, which supports deserving Meharry students.

The Cadaver Ball is also a recognition of Teacher of the Year, and the highlighted Class of 2018 Video Showcase from the School of Medicine and the School of Dentistry.

Prior to the entertaining videos, the speaker of the hour was an alumni Meharry student, Dr. Corey Hebert, M.D., who offered encouragement to the students as he reflected on his years as a Meharry student in the School of Medicine in 1997. Hebert is the chief medical editor, WDSU-TV, NBC affiliate. He encouraged the students and all in attendance to know their purpose, have passion for that purpose and have pride and confidence in that focus, stating: “You can be anything that you decide to be! I can do things that have never been done. Know that you are an agent of change.”

Following Dr. Hebert’s inspiring message, the Cadaver Ball tradition is to present a video showcase that chronicles the first year in the School of Medicine and the School of Dentistry. These videos were quite entertaining as they gave an insight to the teachers and the students daily interaction in the form of humorous spoofs.

The 2015 Cadaver Ball committee was chaired by Joseph Acquaye who had help from the following: Oluwatoni Aluko, Ethan Chambers, Taylor Corley, Linda Dakaud, Francheska Desravines, Khai-El Johnson, Ashley Lewis, Ariel Rodgers, Kofi Sarfo-Kantanka, Ivy Wicks and Zalika Nisbeth.